Naamkaran 17 August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran 17th August 2017 Written Update, Namkaran 17 August 2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s (17 August 2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Shweta scolding Ali and Avni. She asks Ali not to shout. She says this mean Ananya’s child is of Neil or someone else. Prakash asks what nonsense. Shweta asks him to ask Ananya, she has her husband, even then she is doing such things with a stranger. Ali gets angry. Bebe gets dizzy. Shweta asks Avni not to come ahead, don’t touch Bebe. Ali scolds Shweta. Avni asks Ali to be quiet and not say anything. She asks Neil to listen. Ali says he does not even answer your calls, will he listen to you. Shweta says he is top cop, he is responsible, he does not run a cafe like you. Ali asks Avni does she know what they are blaming.

Avni says I know, but it does not mean you raise voice on Shweta. Shweta asks her to stop drama. Avni says Ali was just helping me. Shweta says enough now, tell truth, whose child is this, see we got this for you, we said Neil and you are like Ram and Sita, Neil is Ram, but you could not become Sita. She asks Ali to get out. Ali goes. Prakash says enough now, ask Ananya before blaming. Avni asks them to listen to her once. Neil signs her to stop. He leaves.

Bebe gives mangalsutra to Avni and says I won’t ask what’s true and lies, this does not matter now, your husband matters now, what he is thinking, go and talk to him. Shweta says she won’t talk to my son, I will talk to him. Bebe says its husband and wife’s matter, we will not talk in between. Shweta argues. Maddy gets annoyed and goes. Bebe scolds Shweta. She says this family accepted you, I will not care for what people say. She asks Avni to go to Neil.

Constable says I have seen this film. Inspector says Neil is busy in work, he does not know what’s happening in his house. Neil hears them and gets angry. DD scolds the staff. Neil says let it be DD. Avni comes to Neil. Neil leaves in his car. Avni recalls Aisha. DD tells Neil that what’s seen is not always true. Neil says but it needs proof to show its a lie. Avni thinks where is that Neil who always stood to support truth.

Riya talks to Dayaben and says don’t worry, everyone will point a finger on Avni. Shweta comes and says congrats for our first win. Bebe comes to Avni and asks did you talk to Neil, don’t stop trying, there will be many to hit on relations, you have to manage the relation yourself. Avni calls Neil. He does not answer. He thinks of Ali and Avni. Inspector comes and taunts him about having same things at home like that criminal’s story. DD asks him to talk with manners. Inspector says when Neil’s wife has an affair, he can understand this guy better. Neil gets angry and goes.

Avni calls DD and asks about Neil. DD says he is not fine, he went in anger. She asks him to make her talk to Neil. She thinks where is Neil, we have to talk. Neil thinks of Avni. Kyu mujhse aake….plays….. Neil hits and his hand gets hurt. He answers a call.

Ali gets his anger out. Fatima stops him. He says how dare they tell such thing about me and Avni, they know everything, you said if Avni comes back, she will be coming for me. She asks him to accept Avni and Neil got married, stay away from her. Ali gets shocked. DD says maybe Neil is here, we come here to have tea. He asks Avni not to worry, maybe he went to his old house. Avni and DD reach the house. They don’t find Neil. She sees the blood drops and says it means Neil was here, he has hurt himself.

Riya talks to Ali and says Shweta does not know you buys are childhood friends and reacted such. Avni comes to Ali and asks how did you know I m not fine. Ali says Riya told me about you, she said you are alone at home, I could not wait and came there, Riya knows this marriage is fake. Avni says whatever, you should have not spoken to Shweta in loud tone, I have to keep relation with Neil. He says Neil did not react seeing you blamed, before you get hurt, I would suggest you to leave that house. Shweta and Bebe come there. Shweta taunts Avni for solving the matter alongwith her lover. Ali gets angry.

Avni says Ali is not my lover, I came here finding Neil. Shweta says you thought Neil will come here. Bebe gets dizzy. Shweta asks Avni not to touch her. She scolds them and they leave.

Neil interrogates the man and asks how did he blame his wife for an affair. He says she met that man who helped her to get a job for you, do you even realize that, she was helping you, you could have given her a chance to clarify, now she is not in this world, you killed her. He tells inspector that he does not take steps in hurry, even criminal should be given a chance to clarify, its not necessary that what meets eyes is true, I will not let any woman’s character get stain, be it about this case or my own house.

Naamkaran 18 August 2017 Precap:

DD says who called us to tell about emergency. Avni asks what, can you trace that call. DD traces the call and gives the info to Avni.

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