Naamkaran 25 August 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran 25th August 2017 Written Update, Namkaran 25 August 2017 Episode Full Update

Today’s (25.08.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Avni tells Shweta on the phone that she has booked the Ganesh Idol and Shwea thanks Avni. Avni thinks she has to go to Jaguda before the Ganesh Pooja. Riya tells Shweta that her plan may not work and Shweta assures her that it will work and she says Juhi.

Lights suddenly goes off and Avni asks Neil what happen to the light. Neil looks at her romantically and Avni get nervous and says she knows how to fix the fuse. Neil has removed the fuse. Avni and Neil go to the fuse box and Avni sees that the fuse is missing. Avni gets worried and Neil pretends to be tensed but he smiles as this is all his plan. Avni lights more candles.  Neil and Avni light the candles together romantically.

Neil asks Avni what she did all day.   Avni says she met up with Ali. Neil tells Avni that he wants to give her something. Neil gives Avni a locket which has her mother’s picture. Avni remembers giving the locket to Neil when he was lying unconscious in the hospital to give him strength. Neil recalls that he had used the locket to hit the person who had attacked him. Neil tells Avni that the locket had saved his life.

Neil tells Avni he has solved the 123 case and only one more formality is remaining. Neil puts handcuff on Avni’s wrist and warns her not to run from him. Riya tells Shweta that Neil had warned her to stay way from Avni. Shweta says that she will trap Neil in the Ganesh Pooja when he will remember Juhi and then he will start hating Avni. Shweta thinks that Avni can never keep Neil happy.  Juhi prays before lord Ganesh Idol. Avni asks Neil what he is doing and he says that he is arresting her forever. Neil and Avni have  a romantic eye-lock. Avni says sorry to Neil. Neil gets  a call and he cuts it. Call comes again. Neil sees Avni typing a message. Avni tells Neil that she used to do robbery for other people’d help and she gets nervous. Neil holds Avni and tells her he will not spare her. Avni is nervous and she apologizes. Avni asks Neil to take off her handcuff and she is ready to do anything. Neil asks Avni if she is ready to go to prison. Neil ask Avni what is there in her heart about him and if she tells him then he will not punish her. Avni stares at Neil. Neil is about to kiss Avni but there is a knock on the door. Neela is outside the door and asks her is she is fine. Avni tries to go but Neil tells her that it is not over yet. Neil takes off the handcuffs. Riya meets Dayawanti and she tells her about Juhi who had died amid Ganesh Chaturthi and therefore Neil does not celebrate the festival. Daywanti asks whether Shweta wants to use Juhi to seperate Neil and Avni. Riya is about to show Juhi’s picture but policewoman says her time is over. Dayawanti tells Riya to make sure their plan succeeds. Neil makes tea for Neela and Avni. Avni takes Neela aside and tells her that Neil is acting strange. Avni tells Neela everything about Neil’s behavior and Neela asks her not to share personal details. Aani is annoyed and goes away. Neil asks Neela what were they discussing. Neela tells Neil that she understands everything. Neela indicates to Neil that Avni has something in her heart but she cannot share. Neil says that Avni does not share anything and always behaves like a lady don. Neela asks Neil why he is not saying anything to her and he says his feelings are obvious. Neela asks Neil to confront Avni directly. Later at night, Avni gets a call from Shweta and she asks Avni whether Neil will come for the Ganesh Pooja. Avni says that he will handle everything and Neil will definitely come. Shweta gets happy. Avni looks at Neil and thinks she has to prepare to convince Neil to come for the Ganesh Pooja.  Avni falls asleep on the sofa and Neil looks at her. Neil comes next to Avni and he puts her head on his shoulder and caresses her face. Neil and Avni both fall asleep on the sofa. Neil wakes up next morning and starts looking for Avni. Neil finds a note where Avni says that she has gone for some urgent work so did not wake him. Avni tells Neil to return home from work soon as they have to go somewhere. Neil wonders where.

Naamkaran 26 August 2017 Precap:

Avni smiles looking at Juhi and tell Neil that she wants him to meet someone. Shweta tells Riya that Juhi is Neil’s ex-girlfriend.

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