Naamkaran 26 December 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus Naamkaran 26th December 2017 Written Update, Namkaran Written Episode

Today’s (26.12.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Avni tells Ali that Neil has come as a special officer and he might have got a doubt in her plan to run away. Ali says that she may be right. Jailer informs Ali that his contract cannot be renewed in the jail.

Avni says that Ali is giving them a good service and none of them want Ali to leave. Everyone starts chanting Ali’s name. Jailer says that this is the order and they have to follow it. Avni say they will not eat. Neil says that they will not fulfil demands of inmates. Avni says that Neil’s demands too will not be followed. Avni says that if Ali is not there then she will not eat. Avni starts chanting that they will not eat if Ali is not there and everyone follows.

Jailor tells Avni to stop as she cannot do protest in jail. Neil says that they will not change their orders for one person. Avni starts chanting against Neil. Avni says she is protesting peacefully. Neil says he will not change his orders under any condition. Monica comes there and says that if Neil is there she is ready to get life imprisonment. Monica comes there and starts flirting with Neil and asks him to open her handcuffs. Neil sees jealousy in Avni’s eyes and thinks that Avni still loves him.

Neil opens Monica’s handcuffs and Avni gets jealous. Avni says that she will not end the protect till Ali returns. Neil says that this is not fair to other inmates especially the old inmates. Avni gets the food from Ali and gives food to the old inmate. Avni says that protest is over but she will continue her protest. Neil thinks he always has to bend down in front of Avni’s demands. Neil says that he was just checking the service inside the jail. Neil tells Ali that his contract will be renewed. Neil says that the security will be tightened and each and everything will be double checked including Ali’s things. Avni thinks that Neil is trying to stop her from talking to Ali but she will make sure to talk to him anyhow. Later, Neil thinks that he is not getting any clue that someone was  trying to run away from jail. Neil reaches Avni’s cell and sees Goddess poster. Neil sees that Avni has written Vidyut’s name on the wall and scratched it. Neil thinks that Avni is in prison since 6 months because of him. Avni passes a chit to Ali next day. Ali moves aside and reads the note. Avni writes that they have to close the hole in her cell wall as Neil cannot find out about it. Ali drops the note by mistake. Neil sees Avni and thinks he will not let her break the law. Avni thinks that she will break the law and Neil will not be able to stop her. Neil talks to all the inmates and tells them that because of their good character, they will organize activities for them. Everyone gets happy. Neil says for this day, they are all players. Avni wonders why Neil is doing all this. Neil asks DD to start his work. Neil makes the inmates play dumb charades. DD starts investigating the secret way. Sunehri acts out a film name by dancing. Sunehri does the acting and everyone guesses the film name. Tara does the acting next. Neil guesses the film Haseena Maan Jayegi. Tara and SItara act the next film and Avni guesses the name. Monica comes next and dances around Neil. Monica asks Neil if he thinks she is trying to run away. Avni suddenly gets up and starts to leave and everyone tries to stop her. Neil asks them to let her go. Avni says she too will play. Avni comes before Neil and does the acting by pointing towards her injury. Neil guesses Zakhm and Avni says that no one other than him can guess this. Avni goes and Neil goes after her but cannot find her. Neil sees a note on the ground and reads it. Neil thinks this is Avni’s handwriting and he has to stop her. Neil understands that Avni was trying to run away from prison. Neil searches for Avni and finds her seeping in her cell. Avni says she wants to sleep and does not want to play. DD calls up Neil and tells her that he is in the tunnel and the road is blocked. Flashback shows that Avni had done a blast inside the tunnel which blocked it. Avni thinks that Neil will not be able to investigate further because of the rubble. Neil sees that the poster is moving which means that the secret way is behind it.


DD tells Neil that the tunnel opens in Avni’s cell. Neil asks DD to complete his work. Monica sees Neil’s name plate and thinks that Neil will use her. Avni attacks Monica. Neil says that whoever breaks rules in the prison will have to be punished.


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