Naamkaran 27 September 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 27th September 2017, Namkaran 27 September 2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s (27.09.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Avni leaves from the room and sees Neil in front of her and gets happy. Avni hugs Neil but realizes that it is just a dream. Avni imagines Juhi hugging Neil and gets sad. Neil waits for Avni’s voice message.
Neil also imagines Avni near him. Bebe comes to meet Neil and tells him that they have come to know everything as Neela has told them. Bebe asks what he will do about Avni. Neil says he can never let Avni go away from him. Neil says that Avni has become his lifeline and he does not love Juhi anymore. Neil cries and says that he gets very angry with Avni as she always does what she wants to do. Neil says that he is worried for Avni as she has put her life in trouble.

Neil wonders what he will tell Juhi. Bebe tells Neil to tell the truth to Juhi. Avni comes to a room and dials a number. Neela hopes to get a clue of Avni. Avni calls Amol and tells him not to send Neil to Jaguda but her call does not get through. Balu sees Avni and asks her what he is doing here. Neil reaches Rang mahal with his team. Neil sees Balu dressed as a decent man and he says that this is an orphanage.

DD says that they have a search warrant. Avni’s friend has tapped Amol’s phone tells Neela that he heard Avni’s voice on Amol’s phone asking Neil not to come to Jaguda. Neil and his team look all around but cannot find anything. Neil says that they must have got a tip and have therefore hidden all traces. Avni is trapped in a room with her mouth gagged. Avni manages to open her hands and bangs the door calling out to Neil. Avni escapes from the room but Amol attacks her and puts chloroform on her mouth. Amol signals Dayawanti with a thumbs up. Neil sees the Ganesh Idol and knows that Avni must be here. The commissioner reaches there and reporters are also there. Guruma is also there and she alleges that Neil is responsible for her mother’s death. Commissioner tells Neil that he did raid in an orphanage and got the police humiliated in front of media. A dead body is brought there and Guruma says that her mother died of shock knowing that her daughter is in jail. The body is actually Avni’s who has been made unconscious. The commissioner tells Neil that he has been suspended and there will an enquiry against him. Neil says that his wife is here and he will not leave without taking her. Neil says that he has evidence. Balu says that Neil is searching for his past lover and therefore he has come here looking for her. Neil angrily holds Balu’s collar and commissioner asks Neil to behave himself. Avni thinks that Amol betrayed her. Shweta is worried for Neil as he has gone to Jaguda. Riya asks Shweta to see the TV as Avni has trapped Neil. Bebe taunts Riya. Riya says that Neil has been suspended because of Avni. Riya asks them to see this news on TV. Riya says that Avni is a bad omen and has brought bad luck to Neil. Riya says that Avni has got a proper punishment. Shweta asks Riya to shut up. Shweta admits that she hates Avni but she cannot see another woman getting tortured. Shweta pushes Riya out of the house. Neela consoles Neil and says that Dayawanti must be behind all this. Neela asks Neil whether Amol informed him that Avni had called Amol to inform Neil not to come to Jaguda. Neil refuses. Neela says that Amol is hand in glove with Dayawanti. Avni is tied up and she gets scared seeing a spider. Dayawanti comes to meet Avni and tells her that he has ruined everyone’s life as she is a bad omen. Avni says that she should have died when she shot her. Dayawanti says that she will sell her tomorrow and she will die every single day.


Neela ask Neil to go and save Avni. Avni tells Guruma that she is sure that Neil will come to save her. Guruma says that Neil will see his wife getting sold.

Naamkaran latest news – Neil to save Avni and Juhi, another leap in story

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