Naamkaran 28 September 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 28th November 2017, Namkaran 28 September 2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s (28.09.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Dayawanti tells Avni that Ravan will win in Kalyug. Avni’s friends tell Neil that they are Avni’s friends and they want to help her. They say that they have tapped Amol’s call. DD and Neela say that they too are with him.

Neil thanks all of them for helping him. Neil thinks he will save Avni anyhow. Neil and the rest see the layout of Rang Mahal.  Neil feels that he failed but Neela asks him not to lose hope. Neil says they will use Riya for their plan. Balu tells someone on the phone to prepare the Ravan Idol. Ali opens the window to Avni’s room and wakes her up. Avni tells Neil that she has lost as Neil has lost his job because of her.

Avni also feels hurt not being able to save Juhi. Avni says that Amol too betrayed her. Avni says that she has failed from all sides. Ali says that she has not lost yet. Ali gives Avni the Ganpati Idol which has the audio device. Avni gets happy and shows Ali the audio device. Avni cries saying that the device failed and Neil ended up losing his job. Fatima tells Neela that Amol cannot betray his sister. Fatima asks Neela what wrong has Amol done.

Amol hears their talks. Neela says that Amol is going to talk to Riya and Amol’s truth will be revealed.  A man meets Guruma and touches her feet. The man’s face is not shown. Guruma asks the man to manage Juhi. Avni watches as the man grabs Juhi and misbehaves with her. Guruma calls the man her son and takes him with her. Guruma’s goon asks Avni to go for the Pooja as all married women are called. Amol meets Riya and Neela catches him red handed and slaps him. Neil says that his true face is exposed. Amol threatens that Avni will be harmed. Neela tells Amol not to call Avni his sister. Guruma dances in front of Durga Ma Idol in Bengali avtaar.  Avni is also there in Bengali clothes and Avni sees the man who had met Guruma earlier.  Neela scolds Amol and beats him with a stick. Amol says he will not help them in any way. Neela beats up Amol and Amol asks Neil to help him as he is policeman. Neil says he is not  a policeman anymore because of him and he can’t help him. Neil too threatens to beat Amol. Neil asks Amol to reveal everything. Amol tells Neil that there is a way for him to enter Rang Mahal. Later, Neil sees Avni’s picture in a locket. Bebe meets Neil and tells him to win over evil and says she has faith on him. Bebe tells Neil to get back Avni home safe and sound. Shweta does Neil’s Aarti and blesses him. Neela tells Neil to go and get Avni and Juhi back home. Guruma puts Sindoor on all married women but when she reaches Avni, she says that only married women will get the Sindoor and as she is not married she will not put the sindoor. Guruma tells Avni that she does not have Sindoor in her faith. Guruma suddenly slips and falls and the Sindoor falls on Avni’s head. Guruma looks angrily at Avni. Guruma’s men help Guruma to get up. Avni tells Guruma that Durga Maa has put Sindoor on her. Avni says that she has regained her faith in God.  Avni says that Goddess blessing will always be with her and Neil will come to save her. Guruma says that whoever comes to save her will also get killed and will see that his wife will be sold. Guruma says that she will make Avni dance and will sell her. Avni thinks that Durga maa should save Neil.  Guruma tells the men to see the dance before they do the deal.


Avni dances. Ravan Idol is brought in and Neil and his team is inside the Ravan idol. Neil feels Avni’s presence.

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