Naamkaran 29 December 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran 29th December 2017 Written Update, Namkaran Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (29.12.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with all prisoners do arrangements for Christmas celebrations. Avni thinks it is the right time to get the blue print file from Neil’s room. Avni asks the jailer whether she can complete the work on Neil’s office wall and Jailer agrees.

Neil gets called somewhere and he leaves his cabin. Avni hides and enters Neil’s cabin when he leaves. Neil checks all the gifts. Neil tells the inmates that their performance is the best. Neil asks where is Avni and jailer says she is in his cabin repairing the wall. Neil goes to his cabin and Avni quickly starts working on the wall. Neil asks Avni to come for the Christmas celebrations. Avni says she will complete the work but Neil coaxes her to come.

Neil thinks he will keep an eye on Avni. Neil asks inmates to take their gifts. Neil hopes Avni picks the gift meant for her. Avni is the last to take the gift and refuses to take the gift. Neil says that if anyone refuses to take gift then celebration will get cancelled. Neil gives the gift to Avni which is a saree and he asks Avni to wear the saree. Avni refuses to wear it. Avni starts scolding Neil in front of all inmates.

Avni tells Neil that he has come suddenly after six months and is acting cute in front of everyone. Avni tells Neil that she understands that he is playing a game with her. Neil asks Avni not to talk to him like this. Avni tells Neil that he does not care about her. Avni tells Neil that he broke her mangalsutra and therefore they are not in any relation and he should not try to bind her in any relations. Everyone gets shocked hearing all this. Neil wishes he could tell Avni the truth about Vidyut. Vidyut works on a mannequin calling it Avni and says that he knows Neil is Neo and Neo will not be able to ruin his business anymore. Vidyut asks the man in the lab if work is done but man says that work cannot be completed without that thing. Vidyut thinks that he should get that thing. Neil thinks that he may have lost Avni forever. All inmates discuss about Neil and Avni’s problem and think to help Avni. Tara and Sitara come to meet Neil and tell him that they will convince Avni to wear the saree. In exchange they want Neil to fix DD with Sunehri as she likes him. Tara and Sitara go to search for Avni.  Vidyut thinks he will make Vidyut reveal the truth. Avni thinks that everyone must have come to know about her and Neil’s relation. Avni thinks to get the file from Neil’s cabin when everyone is busy. Avni is in the bathroom and finds that her clothes have been replaced by the red saree. Avni gets angry. DD comes to know that Santa will be late to come. Avni comes there wearing the red saree and Neil gets happy. Avni tells the jailer that her clothes went missing so she had to wear the saree. Sunehri praises Avni. Neil dedicates a song to DD from Sunehri. Neil sings a song and dances with Avni romantically. DD runs to get Santa escaping from Sunehri. DD gets Santa. Neil dances intimately with Avni. Tara starts dancing with Santa. Monica looks enviously at Neil and Avni. Avni thinks it is the right time and goes away from there. Neil notices Avni missing. Sunehri thanks Neil for everything. Neil rushes to look for Avni Neil finds Santa clothes outside the prison gate and thinks Avni must be in trouble.


DD tells Neil that Shinde din’t come as Santa so who is the Santa in the jail.  Jailer tells Neil that Avni is not to be found anywhere. Avni looks through a hole inside a secret room and finds a dead body. Neil thinks that Vidyut cannot harm Avni as long as he is there.

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