Naamkaran 29 September 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 29th September 2017, Namkaran 29 September 2017 Written Update

Today’s (29.09.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Guruma tells Juhi that she always thought that she is a precious diamond but now they have found Avni who is more precious than her. Guruma tells Avni that once she is inside Rang Mahal there is no escape for her.

Avni tells Dayawanti that she is like a demon for her. Avni challenges Dayawanti that her faith in Neil will win. Avni tells Juhi that Neil will surely come. The Ravan Idol is brought in. Guruma shows Juhi and Avni to the buyers. Neil and his team are inside the Ravan Idol. Flashback shows Neil showing the plan to his team. Guruma tells the buyers that there is a special dance for them before they close the deal. Avni dances in front of the men.

Avni imagines Neil in front of her and waits for him to come. Avni and Juhi wait inside their room. Guruma brings the buyers in the room. The buyer says he has liked Juhi. The man is about to touch Juhi but Avni stops him and says she will cut his hands if he touches her. Guruma asks Balu to take away the buyer.  Dayawanti and Avni have an argument. Guruma tells her goon to get Avni and Juhi to the place where the Ravan Idol has been kept.

Neil tries to open the door of the Ravan Idol but it is locked.  Neela wonders whether Neil has reached to save Avni. Amol is tied to a chair and Fatima tells Neela she will check on him. Neela says that she will punish Amol once Avni is back. Juhi tells Avni that no one can escape from Rang Mahal but Avni says that Neil will surely come to save them. Juhi says that the men will take them away from here very soon and they have no time left. Juhi says that all the girls of Rang Mahal are scared and they will die out of fear. Balu tells Guruma that one of the girls has tried to kill herself by cutting her wrist. Guruma gets very angry and tells Balu to put all the girls in the truck and give them injection. Guruma says she will deal with them after Ravan dahan. Guruma asks Dayawanti why she is not happy as Avni will be pushed to hell today. Dayawanti says her dreams will finally be completed. Some drunk men approach the Ravan idol. Neil breaks open the door and beats up the men. Neil asks his team to be alert as he enters Rang Mahal. Prakash tells Neela that he has spoken to the police officer and they will take strict action. Bebe says she will do visarjan of Mata only after Neil and Avni are back home. Shweta sadly tells Prakash that she is a bad mother. Prakash assures her that everything will be fine. Bebe asks Shweta to pray to Mata and she will fulfill all wishes. Fatima goes to Amol’s room and gets shocked to see that he has escaped. Fatima tells Neela that Amol has escaped. Neela says that he fooled them again and ran away. Balu comes to the room to give injection to the girls. Avni warns him not to touch any of the girls. Balu tells Avni that the man who has bought her is demon and he will teach her a lesson. Avni screams for help. Balu is about to inject Avni and Avni asks him not to touch her. Avni sees a knife close by. Avni attacks Balu with the knife and puts the injection on Balu. Balu falls unconscious. Avni tells the girls that they will have to protect themselves and burn down Lanka.

Naamkaran 02 November 2017 Precap:

Neil and Avni hug each other. Neil promises Avni that he wills save her. Guruma keeps gun on Juhi’s head while Neil, Ali and Avni look on.

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