Naamkaran 31 August 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 31st August 2017, Naamkaran 31 August 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (31.08.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with a sketch artist is making Juhi’s sketch based on Avni’s descriptions. Avni tells DD not to say Neil anything about this. Meanwhile Neil waits for Avni. He asks her where was she. Avni lies that she was with Ali.

Neel tells Avni that he has to tell her something. Neil confesses to her that he was in love with another girl in his past and her name was Juhi.

Guruma tells the goon that Meher is very important and she will ask her personally not to step out. Dayawanti says her that instead of running after Meher, she should get Avni and make her a part of her rang mahal. DD asks Amol not to put himself in danger again. DD gets information that one of the prisons has a woman who leaves the prison wherever she likes for her evil deeds.

Neil tells Avni that he met Juhi for the first time when she got stuck in the Ganpati celebrations and as she was on her way with her ill maid. Juhi shouted at the people to let her pass and Neil witnessed all this and became friends with her from that day onwards. Neil tells Avni that Juhi was just like her and was a very determined woman. The goon asks Juhi to get ready as panditji is waiting for her.

Neil says that Juhi was very fearless and did not stay quiet and spoke her mind. Guruma dresses up Juhi and praises her beauty. Neil says that he was about to leave for London for his MBA and Juhi was waiting for him when her purse got stolen. Juhi tried to catch the robber but she was hit by a car. Guruma tells Juhi that she had saved her and kept her hidden after she dashed against her car. Guruma knew that Juhi is of big use to her. Avni holds Neil’s hand and he says sorry to her. Neil says that he loved Juhi a lot. Guruma reveals that she put someone else in Juhi’s place and took away Juhi and made her a captive. Neil tells Avni that he would never have found her if Juhi had not left him. Neil says that he joint police force to make sure that no one else should suffer like Juhi. Neil says that he caught the man who robbed Juhi’s purse and changed his life and made him a better man. Neil reveals that the man is none other than DD. Juhi dances in the brothel and Guruma looks on along with the goon. Juhi thinks of her moments with Neil. A man tries to grab Juhi but Guruma pushes him away. Guruma warns Juhi never to go for Ganpati Pooja again. Guruma says that the woman whose house she went to is a policeman’s wife.  Guruma is about to take the name of the policeman but she gets a call. Someone tells Guruma that there is a raid in the jail and asks her to come immediately. Policeman informs DD that one prisoner is less. The convicts put away all off Guruma’s belongings to avoid the police from seeing it. Guruma returns in prisoner clothes. Avni asks Neil why he dint take revenge for Juhi’s death. Neil says that he didn’t want revenge but wanted to change the circumstances. Avni tells Neil he is a very nice person. Avni tells Neil that she feels that they have come closer now. Neil comes close to Avni and they share an eye lock. Neil tells Avni that she din’t get angry listening to his love story. Neil and Avni share cute moments.

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Avni thinks that Neil would love her if she was like Juhi. Neil tells Avni that he wants to live in the present and he has forgotten his past. Avni wants to see a picture of Juhi and Neil is about to open his wallet and show her.

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