Naamkaran latest gossips – Aman NOT changed, plans to kill Avni?

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In the ongoing track of Star Plus popular show Naamkaran, viewers have seen that Avni (Aditi Rathore) is out of Neil (Zain Imam) house. Neel is sad about Avni’s absence from his life.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, viewers will see that Bebe would regret her decision to let Avni get out of their lives. She would pray in front of God. She would feel that the house is lonely and incomplete without Avni. She would be lost in her prayers and Neil would come to her. He would his hands on her shoulders. He would seek her blesssings to bring back Avni. Bebe would also want the same. However, he would tell her that it would be upto Avni whether or not to come back. Avni holds herself responsible for all the troubles his family has faced because of her. Bebe understands.

Further, Aman would come to meet Avni and hands over to her his first salary cheque. Avni is happy to see that Aman has changed and hugs her. However, it would be seen that Aman would have an evil grin of finally winning back Avni’s trust. As per latest reports, Aman would have hidden intentions to kill Avni.

What will happen next? Will Avni find out Aman’s truth? Will Neil bring Avni back in his life? Will he save Avni from Aman’s evil plans?

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