Naamkaran latest news – Avni and Neel plan Riya’s birthday party

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In the upcoming episodes of Naamkaran serial on Star Plus viewers will have to gear up for some interesting twists and drama during Riya’s birthday party sequence!

It will be seen that Avni (Aditi Rathore) will take the responsibility of making all the arrangements for Riya’s birthday party as she would want to win over Riya and Dayaben’s trust completely.

Avni has partially succeeded in her plans as Neel’s (Zain Imam) parents are against Riya and are not happy with Neil and Riya’s engagement.

In the recent episode we saw that despite of Avni;s plan to break Riya and Neil’s engagement, Neil stands by Riya as he has given his word to her and thinks that Riya cannot be blamed for someone else mistakes. At the same time, Avni thinks Daya is getting a son in law like Neil who is opposite of Ashish. Ashish had abandoned Avni’s mother while Neil is fighting against his family to stand by Riya.

Now, in the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Daya asks Avni to organize Riya’s birthday party and Avni would agree for it seeing the good opportunity to plan against Dayaben.
Further, Daya would ask Avni to meet Neil and plan the birthday party along with him. Avni and Neil would come together to discuss and plan about Riya’s birthday. During this, Avni will unknowingly comes close to Neil and start have love feelings for him.
It will now be interesting to see what would be Avni’s plan to ruin Riya’s birthday party and Dayaben’s happiness.
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