Naamkaran latest news – This is how Avni survives after being shot by Daya Ben

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Fans of Star Plus popular serial Naamkaran are witnessing high voltage drama as the show is all set to take a leap in its story line.

In the upcoming episodes of the show it will be seen that Daya decides to end Avni’s (Arsheen Namdaar) chapter once and for all and will shoot Avni.

Daya chases Avni and reaches sat the edge of a pond. Avni has nowhere else to escape while Daya points out the gun towards her. Daya once again admits how cruelly she killed Avni’s mother Asha and now tells Avni that its is now her turn to die. The show will see its major high point as Daya Ben shoots her own granddaughter.

Wondering what will happen next? How will Avni stay alive?

According to latest reports, Avni will be seen getting hit by the bullet and falling into the water. Daya will see Avni drowning in the water and she will be satisfied thinking that Avni is dead. Avni will be seen drowning in the pond and viewers may think that this is the end of Avni’s life. However, Avni will survive this heinous act against her as she will be saved by someone. After this, the show will take a leap of 15 years and Avni (Aditi Rathore) will be seen once again in a grown up avtaar with a completely new look and new attitude.

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