Naamkaran latest news – Neel confesses to Avni about his past love Juhi

Naamkaran upcoming story – Avni (Aditi Rathore) gets insecure as Neil (Zain Imam) reveals about his first love Juhi

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus serial Naamkaran, viewers will see that Neil will finally gets gather courage to tell Avni the truth about Juhi (Poonam Preet).

It is already seen that Avni felt that Neil is troubled as she noticed his strange behavior during the Ganapti Pooja. She  confronts Neel to tell her the reason for his discomfort amid the celebrations however Neil does not tell her anything.

Now, in the coming episodes, Neil will finally decide to reveal to Avni about his past with Juhi. Neil will tell Avni about how he was madly in love with Juhi but she died amid the Ganpati occasion and therefore he never celebrates this festival.

Avni will be shocked to know about Neil’s past and will doubt that Neil still has feelings for Juhi in his heart. However, Neil will assure Avni that he has moved on from his past and his future lies only with Avni. Neil’s words will comfort Avni but the biggest twist will come about as Avni will discover that Juhi is not dead but she is very much alive. Avni has befriend a girl named Meher and wants to save her from her troubled situation but very soon, she will stumble upon the startling reality that Meher is none other than  Juhi.

What will Avni do now? Will she get out of Neil’s life? Will Juhi separate Neil and Avni?

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