Naamkaran latest news – Neel to rescue Avni and Neela from Aman’s evil plans

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In the ongoing track of Star Plus popular show Naamkaran we have seen that Ali has found out that Ananya is indeed his childhood friend Avni (Aditi Rathore). Neel (Zain Imam) also overhears Ali addressing Ananya as Avni and his doubts increase even further about Anany’s true identity.

He goes to meet Nano and tells that he has seen Ali calling Ananya as Avni and is worried about his friend as Ananya could be misleading him and playing with Ali’s feelings for her own agenda against Dayavanti Mehta. Nano reveals to him about Dayavanti’s crime of killing her daughter Aisha and Avni.

At the same time, Aman, Diksha, Dayavanti and Riya have all teamed up together Ananya to throw her out of the house and their lives while teaching her a lesson.

Now, in the upcoming episodes of Naamkaran, it will be seen that Aman plays his move to take revenge from Avni. Avni and Neela gets attacked by chemical gas. Avni and Neela cough and stop their breath to get saved from the poisonous gas. Neel comes to save Avni. DD informs Neel about the blast in Avni’s house. Neil checks who is trapped inside. Neil gets to know Avni and Neela are trapped inside the house. He gets fire brigade and police team there, to find Avni and Neela and rescue them.

Further it will be seen that Neel tells Avni about his past and girlfriend Juhi. Neil will be opening up about his past. Will Avni trust him and share her past?

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