Naamkaran latest news – Neil to bring Avni back home, Bebe to apologize

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Here’s what is in store for the viewers of Naamkaran in the upcoming week!

It is known that Riya and Shweta manage to create misunderstandings between Avni (Aditi Rathore) and Neel (Zain Imam) that Ali and Avni are in love with each other. Bebe and the family question Avni and Ali when they find them together in awkward situation in Avni’s room.

Now, in the upcoming episodes of Naamkaran, viewers will see that Neel will find out that Bebe, Shweta and Riya had insulted Avni and asked her prove her innocence. And hence, Avni left the house and is has no clue where has laft.

He creates a drama and plans to expose Riya and prove Avni’s innocence. He scolds his family. Bebe realizes her mistake and folds her hands in front of Neel. Neel tells Bebe that she should say sorry to Avni and not to him.

He takes his phone out and tries to locate Avni’s whereabouts. He rushes to the railway station as Avni plans to leave the city and go elsewhere. Though Neel and Avni have hit and miss moments, Neil manages to finds her and hugs tightly.

Avni says that she decided to stay back because of Neela Maa and Neil’s love. She says that after this incident, her respect for Neel has increased even more.

Further, viewers will see divorce drama between Neel and Avni. Avni will be seen is sitting in a hall and will be lost in Neel’s thought. She would remember how they got married and how he has started having feelings for him.

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She opes divorce paper agreement but is lost in his thoughts only. She is about to tear the divorce papers but just then she gets a call from her father in law. He requests her to make arrangements for his wedding annoversary. Avni says she will be glad to do so and will ensure it is the best party ever.

At the same time, Neela too will try to bring Neil and Avni close to each other.

Keep reading space for further updates of Namkaran.

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