Naamkaran latest news – Riya’s Plan to Kidnap Avni Fails

Star Plus serial Naamkaran upcoming twists – Neil (Zain Imam) saves Avni (Aditi Rathore)

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus popular show Naamkaran, viewers will see interesting drama during celebration of  Ganesh Chaturthi.

Everyone will be enjoying festival with laddus and jalebi. At the same time, Amol-Riya make a Plan with Dayawanti to kidnap Avni. Neil is not at home. Riya mixes something in Jalebi and distributes to everyone. Everyone eats the jalebis as prasad. After sometime all  faint down. Prakash, Shweta and all the other family members are fainted on couch.

Ali Reaches there and he is Shocked to See bebe fainted in Riya’s Arms and He asks her where is she taking her Riya says That She is taking In room He Asks what happened to others. She changes the topic and she says I don’t Know. Ali is not Convinced But Still he manages to believe on her.

Amol calls kidnapper and tells him to kidnap Avni and he starts his work. Amol escapes from there.  Neil comes and he shocked to see what happened . He gets hint that Avni is not here that means she is missing or kidnapped .

Later when Kidnapper opens the bag in which he Kept Avni But when he opens the bag she finds Riya instead of Avni Riya is inside and Dayawanti shocked to see Riya inside. Daya and Gurumaa gets furious seeing this. That means Neil somehow saved her.

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