Naamkaran Spoilers – Avni decides to reveal Dayavanti’s plan for Riya-Neel’s marriage

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In the upcoming episodes of Naamkaran serial, it will be seen that Avni (Aditi Rathore) dreams that Neel (Zain Imam) has found out her true identity.

Neel tells her that I know you not Ananya but Avni, Dayavanti’s granddaughter and you have come back here to take revenge.

Avni goes to meet Ali and shares her horrible dream. Neel comes to the cafe and sees Avni tensed. He acts good to her and gives her water. Ali hides. Neel asks her did she come to meet Ali. Neil tells her that he does not want to marry Riya, its true. He says we are friends, but I think I should share this with you. Neil holds Avni’s hand and declares that he will not marry Riya. Avni gets a big shock.

Riya comes to the cafe and sees Neil with Ananya. She gets upset seeing them together and leaves. Neil stops Riya and tells her that its nothing like that, he did not mean anything. Riya hugs Neel and tells him how important he is for her. Neel does not trust Avni and is acting to know her truth.

Neil and DD spy on Avni, while she goes to meet Ali. Avni tells Ali about her next plan against Dayavanti. She thinks to reveal Dayavanti’s real motive behind Neel and Riya’s marriage. Will Avni succeed in her plan?

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