Naamkaran Written Episode 07 March 2017 Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus Naamkaarn Written Update 07th March 2017 Namkaran 07.03.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Naamkaran 07 March 2017 episode starts with with Neil saying I did not get the thief, and got this heavy girl. He lifts Avni and gets her to the shore. She is unconscious. He goes close to her to check her breathe. She spits out water on him. Avni is shocked to see Neel on top of her and pushes him away.

He says I was just.. She says shut up, I know what you were trying to do. He stops her and says I m not your punching bag, will you say thanks this way. She asks why, you made me fall. He says you committed suicide. She asks are you mad, I can do anything. He asks did you not see danger board. She asks how to go out from here. He jokes. She goes. He says I can call DD, but mom will know. She says would I be able to meet Dayaben or not.

Ali serves Poha to a lady. She says I come here to have Poha made by you, you are the best. She pays him and goes. Neil’s mother comes to Ali and asks about Neil. Ali says he had tea and went. DD says he went hospital. She says it means he had food poisoning. DD says no, he went to catch thief. She asks why are you not say first, say openly. DD says Neil went to mountain. She asks why, he went there to die or romance, he has no connection with romance, it means0; Ali says relax, he was very happy, no stress, no problem. She says I m fed up of police job, call him. Ali calls and says his number is unavailable.

She gives him 60 mins to prove his friendship. DD goes with her.

Neil tries to get network. Avni and Neil argue. She asks him to find the way out and prove he is a hero. He says I am leaving. She asks him to stop. She slips. He holds her in arms. Music plays…

She asks Neil to give his shirt. He asks what nonsense is this, are you mad. She asks him to give shirt, else I will tear it, control your mind, I have to make a flag out of shirt, so that anyone comes to help us. He says like I saved you. She gets a stick and ties the shirt. He says we should put this in open so that anyone can see.

Riya’s mother Hetal is busy preparing for her engagement and thinks that how soon her daughter has grown up and soon she will get engaged. Riya is show getting ready and doing make up. She gets down the stairs and Radha on the dance floor song plays. Riya is seen dancing to tunes of the song. Her mother is happy to see her. But her mother is disappointed soon as Riya is engrossed in her phone. She tells Riya to keep her phone aside for some time and talkj to her. Riya asks her about photographer as she wants to look best in her photos. Her mother tries to tell her importance of relationship and not materialistic things. Dayben makes entry in new avatar.

Neil and Avni try to get help. She takes his phone and tries to make a call. His phone rings.

She sees Ali’s name and answers. He asks where are you. She says hello… Ali hears her and asks who is this. She asks him to say ahead. He asks for Neil. She says who is Neil. He says you are using Neil’s phone. She says I m stuck here because of Neil. Neil comes and takes phone. Ali asks all okay, where are you. Neil says long story, I m sending you location, come fast. Ali says fine, who is that girl with you. Neil says she is problem burden. Ali says fine, coming. The call ends. Ali says Avni on what will happen of me.

Avni says no, how can it be Ali, focus Avni, I have to go out of here and meet Dayaben. Dayaben hugs Riya and says your mum in law has sent ancestral bangles for you. Riya says thanks, its so pretty. Dayaben says you will always be laxmi of this house. Riya shows bangles to Hetal and says everyone loves me, I don’t have to make any adjustments, you don’t let me stay happy.

Neil checks his phone. He takes Avni’s bag and checks. She takes it back and asks him not to touch her bag without permission. He says I did not tell anything when you have touched my phone, I was checking your phone to send location, are you running away from someone. She says I have to meet someone, I have work. He sits and says you need to have way first. She says ways are got by finding. He says when roadmap within is clear, outer ways also get clear. She says I got the way, but got a stone in the way too.

He asks did you see butterfly. She asks are you mad. He says butterfly comes to you when you leave it, this philosophy is called let it go. She taunts him. He says fine, you can go, but you will come back here, its a fact, it will get dark in some time, wild animals can see you. She says I m not scared of darkness. He says but you would be scared of light, as everything can be seen clear. She asks him to keep his nonsense and goes. He says she is like a case, don’t know from whom is she playing hide and seek.


Avni takes her bag and the things fall down. She sees her locket and worries. Neil sees the things too.


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