Naamkaran Written Episode 13 September 2017, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 13th September 2017, Namkaran 13 September 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (13.09.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Avni realizes that Juhi is alive. Neil calls up Avni but she does not take the call.  Avni wonders what will be her place in Neil’s life when he knows that Juhi is alive. DD thinks that whatever is happening has some connection with Dayawanti Mehta.

Shweta meets Neil at Ali’s café and Shweta asks him why he has called her here. Neil tells Shweta that Ali is not alive but he wants to keep his café alive for his sake. Neil wants to renovate the café for Avni. Neil says that life is very uncertain and therefore he wants to open up about his feelings before it’s too late. Neil tells Shweta that he wants to tell Avni that he loves her a lot. Neil says that he loved Avni a lot but was never able to tell his feelings to her.

Neil says that he wants to confess his feelings and has therefore called her here. Avni meets DD and asks her about the day Juhi got killed. Flashback shows that Juhi was walking on the road talking on the phone with Neil. Juhi’s purse slips from her hand and she sees DD lying by the side of the road. A car runs over Juhi. Flashback ends. Avni asks DD to recall any more detail about the incident. DD says that he wants to forget his past life.

Avni thinks whether to tell DD that Juhi is alive. Avni does not tell DD anything and says that everything seems to be co-incidence. Avni feels all past incidents seem connected. Avni asks DD not to tell Neil anything. Neil tells Shweta that he was shattered after Juhi’s death but she supported him. Neil says that he has moved on now and he loves Avni a lot. Neil says that Avni is his life and he wants Shweta to accept her. Neil says that he does not want to choose between her and Avni. Neil says that he wants his mother and Avni both to be in his life. Shweta says she hates Avni as she knows that she is a bad omen. However, Shweta says that she will try to accept Avni. Avni shows the picture to DD and says that she knows her as Meher. DD is shocked to see Juhi’s picture and gets more shocked when Avni says she is alive. DD says that Juhi’s postmortem reports were done and Avni says that the reports could have been false.  Avni says that Meher had come for the Ganpati Pooja. Avni says that Meher cannot have such a striking resemblance to Juhi. DD says that Juhi would have tried to contact Neil if she was alive. Avni says that Neil needs to know that Juhi is alive and therefore she wants to make sure that Meher is indeed Juhi. Avni wants DD’s help and DD agrees. Neil sees Shweta cooking something and Shweta says that she has cooked for Juhi’s soul to rest in peace. Neil is worried for Avni as she does not take his calls. Neil hopes that Avni does not fall in some trouble. Dayawanti tells Ali that she managed to trap Avni and made sure that Avni would come towards Jaguda. Dayawanti says that she put on Ali’s clothes on a dead body to misguide Avni. Dayawanti says that Avni will search for his killer and will eventually reach Jaguda. Dayawanti says that Avni will work in the brothel. Daya calls Juhi and asks her to call up Avni. Dayawanti asks Meher to put the call on speaker phone. Avni gets a call from Juhi and she tells her that she wants to meet her. Juhi says that she has information about her friend. Avni asks her to tell her about Ali. Juhi asks Avni to meet her at the Dargah and Avni agrees. Dayawanti congratulates Juhi. Ali scolds Dayawanti Mehta for her evil tricks.

Naamkaran 14 September 2017 Precap:

Avni runs after Meher in the Dargah. Neil asks Avni why she has come here. Avni calls out to Juhi and she stops and Neil looks at Juhi.

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