Naamkaran Written Epsiode 04 August 2017, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran 04th August 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran 04 August 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Naamkaran 04.08.2017 episode starts with Ali sees Avni in the corridor and Avni asks whats he doing here with Shweta, she says he was helping her check the switched. Avni sees Alis wound and shouts at her. Shweta says that someone has cut the fuse intentionally, Avni denies about her misconcept.

Avni says that shell appy ointment on Alis wound but Shweta volunteers and Neel comes there and says he will do it and tells Shweta to go up and enjoy the party. Neel asks Ali if everything alright and he says no. Dayawanti comes to meet Guru maa and tells her that today Neel will stay at his house so this is their chance and Guru maa tells her that tonight they will get out of jail. Avni comes with the ointment and Shweta leaves, Ali flinches and Avni and Neel start fighting over Alis friendship.

Ali says no and says DD is his best friend. Neel tells Ali their plan B. dayavanti is waiting for Guru maas and an inmate gives her a phone from Guru maa. Shweta shouts at Riya an Riya tells her to talk to her with manners. Shweta tells Riya to get out of her house because shes of no use to her anymore. Dayavanti calls Riya to ask if Avnis secret is out yet she says no and tells her that shes leaving the house, Dayavanti tells her to face her problems and tells her not not leave the house till Avnis truth is out.

Avni becomes Shweta and Ali becomes her first love and act out their love story. Riya goes to Alis café to find the certificate but instead finds Avnis and her dads picture. Shwetas first love dies and Prakash marries a.k.a Neel wins her heart later and marries her in the play. Prakash and Shweta marry again. Bebe wishes to make Neel and Avni get married again with her ashirwaad. Ali realizes that Avnis happiness is with this family and nobody else.

Naamkaran 05 August 2017 Precap:

Bebe asks Neela who are these people in the photograph and Avni tells the truth.

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