Piya Albela latest news – Naren to get intimate with Pooja, Pooja decides to leave

Piya Albela serial upcoming story – Naren (Akshay Mhatre) thanks Pooja (Sheen Das) for showing him right path

In the upcoming episode of Zee TV’s Piya Albela viewers will see that Pooja will find herself in a big dilemma s she will have to leave Naren for his own good. Pooja knows that Naren will never be safe as long as she is with him and therefore she has to go away from his life.

However, Pooja had decided that she will change Naren and make him realize his responsibilities and change him from Ram to Krishna. Naren succeeds to save his Dadaji’s wealth as he uses deceit to trap Rahul, Neelima and Hardik. Naren had never taken the path of lies and deceit earlier but Pooja shows Naren the right paths and teaches him to how to fight for his rights. Naren is thankful to Pooja for showing him the correct path and changing his outlook.

Naren and his family will once again get back everything that they have lost because of Pooja and Naren will want to fill Pooja’s life with happiness. Naren will want to start a new life with Pooja and will also want to come close to her. Naren will confess his love to Pooja and will try to get intimate with her but Pooja will be in a big dilemma as she knows that she has to stay away from Naren. Pooja’s uncle Satish tells Pooja to leave Naren as soon as possible for his own safety and therefore Pooja will plan to exit Naren’s life.

Will Naren be able to stop Pooja from leaving him? Keep reading this space for latest news, gossips and future twists of Piya Albela.

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