Piya Albela latest news – Pooja hides her normal state from Naren

Zee TV serial Piya Albela latest gossips, Piyaa Albela upcoming story

Here’s what is in store for the viewers of Piya Albela in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Pooja threatens Naren that if he doesn’t prove his friendship, she will call police. He jumps down in the cow dung for Pooja’s sake. He didn’t think of the consequences. When Naren couldn’t say anything, she got worried and jumps down to check on him. They turn into good friends. Their clothes get spoiled. They both think to get some new costumes. Naren wears a ghagra and dons a PK look. He accompanies Pooja. The people see the weird looking guy. They have a city tour in their new looks. Pooja holds her anger when some guys tease Naren. Naren is helpless to wear such clothes. He didn’t know how he will go back home. Some people misbehave with Pooja too. Pooja and Naren take a stand for each other. Naren gets into a fight with the goons.

Later, Pooja reveals the truth of being absolutely normal and in her senses. Pooja takes revenge for Naren’s insult. Pooja goes to the goons at night and beats them up. Pooja mocks her mentally childish condition. She doesn’t tell Naren and Mama ji that she is fine. She wants to fight the battle on her own, against her enemies Rahul, Surbhi and Mr. Kapoor.

Stay tuned to this space for latest updates, spoilers and future twists in Piya Albela.


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