Piya Albela latest news – Pooja to return after a year, Naren refuses to accept her

Zee TV Piya Albela serial upcoming twists – Naren (Akshay Mhatre) to deeply hate Pooja (Sheen Das)

In the upcoming episodes of Zee TV’s popular serial Piya Albela, viewers will see that Naren and Pooja’s lives will be broken apart by Rakesh and Surbhi in such a way that the two lover will never reunite.

It is seen that Pooja gets out of Naren’s life after asking him to divorce her. She knew that Naren’s life would be in danger as long as she is married to him. Pooja has a Chandal dosh, she was ready to take all the dangers on her life to save Naren, But Supriya is worried for both Pooja and Naren. Hence she tells Pooja that its is best that the two get separated. Pooja breaks Naren’s heart and demands him for divorce. Naren is completely shattered seeing Pooja’s betrayal. However, Guruji comes up with a solution for the Chandal Dosh and tells Pooja that she should be away from Naren for a year and this will help to remove the fault in her Kundli.

Pooja and Supriya are both happy to hear this and Pooja loves Naren a lot and wants to reunite with him. Supriya asks Pooja to go to America for a year and when she returns, she can reunite with Naren. Rakesh and Surbhi overhear this conversation and they decides to make sure that Naren and Pooja do not unite ever again. Surbhi wants to kill Pooja so that she gets removed from her way forever. At the same time, Naren is deeply shattered by Pooja’s betrayal. Naren will go on the path of self-destruction and will hate Pooja.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, viewers will see that Pooja will return from US after a year with a hope to unite with the love of her life. However, she will have to face Naren’s hatred for her.

What will happen when Pooja and Naren come face to face with each other after a year? Will Naren forgive Pooja? How will he find out the truth?

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