Piya Albela latest news – Pooja to unite with Nrean with Guruji’s help

Piya Albela upcoming twists – Guruji to help Pooja (Sheen Das) to fight her Kundali dosh

In the last episode of Zee TV’s popular serial Piya Albela, viewers have seen that Pooja (Sheen Das) has made Naren realize the right path. Naren has exposed Neelima and Rahul and got them arrested for their evil deeds. Harish Vyas is shocked to see how his family members have betrayed his trust.

Naren is thankful to Pooja for showing him the right path and wants to start a new life together with Pooja. Naren and Pooja have stayed apart from one another for so long and now Naren would want to take his martial relationship with Pooja tio next level.

However, Pooja is in a dilemma because of the doh in her kundli and is ready to get out of Naren’s life for his safety and well being.  She knows that she cannot be close to Naren as his life will be in danger. Further, Satish too will ask Pooja to go away from Naren as soon as possible as she has succeeds in her mission to change him.

Guruji will come to Pooja’s rescue and help her save her marriage. Pooja will ask Guruji to help her make the right decision and this will be the big turning point in Pooja’s life. Guruji will advise Pooja to fight against her Kundli Dosh and remain with Naren. Guruji will encourage Pooja to fight for her love and not lose Naren because of false beliefs. Guruji will also ask Pooja to stand by Naren through all his problems.

Pooja will finally take her decision and will start a new life with Naren.

What more test will Pooja have to go through to fight her kundali dosh? Will Pooja succeed? What new challenges Pooja and Naren have to face? We will have to wait and watch!!

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