Prithvi Vallabh 17 February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Sony TV serial Prithvi Vallabh 17th February 2018 Written Update, Prithvi Vallabh Written Episode

Today’ (17.02.2018) Prithvi Vallabh episode starts with Prithvi asks Maiyi to tell him who he is? The secret behind his birth. The older women imagine past.  She says Gaj Kesari sent you to this land. When I found you in the jungle, I saw a prodigious elephant’s fierce trumpet in the sky. Then I realized the got has sent you to this land. She says you should become king of Malwa.

Kalari callsPrithvi’s friend to bring his horse. He leaves the horse in the jungle. And says it will send the message to Prithvi that Malwa in trouble and we need him.

Tailap will get ready for with Malwa. He gets a message from the soldier. The soldier we will definitely win this war, as Prithvi Vallabh already out of the war, now Sindhu not allowing Kalari to lead the war.

Prithvi takes blessings from Thayi. He wants to leave the place. But she stops him. She says there must be a reason that why Gaj Kesari has sent you to this earth. The people of this land need you. You should become king. Then he sees his horse and realizes that Malwa is in trouble.

The war between Malwa and Manyaketh starts. Soldiers of two sides fight for their pride. Tailap and Sindhu face each other on the battlefield. Tailap succeeds to unarm Sindhu. When he about kill Sindhu, a sword comes from behind and unarms him. It came from Prithvi’s hand. His arrival bewilders everyone. Prithvi jumps into the battlefield and once again shows his monstrosity. Soon he demolishes Manyaketh’s army. He defeats Tailap and grounds him. Sindhu tells Prithvi to kill him. But Prithvi denies and orders to captive him. Sindhu says did we fight with him to kill or to captive? Also adds, If we captive him then we can’t kill him for life time. Kallari comes and says I know you will definitely to save Malwa, I am proud of you Prithvi. Than Prithvi takes his blessings and expresses his view to captive Tailap. Kalari agrees with Prithvi.

Malwa king Singhdant comes to the battlefield with a sword. Prithvi says why did you take the risk to come to the battlefield. Don’t you have trust on us? He says it’s not about trust, its matter of Malwa pride! I should protect malwa. Then king asks Prithvi for a promise. Singhdant asks Prithvi to become the king of Malwa. Prithvi refuses. He says, how can I become king? It’s impossible. King Singhdant begs Prithvi by sitting on his knees. Then finally Prithvi agrees to become king of Malwa.

Mrinal hears the news about their defeat. Razed Mrinal orders Sulochana to keep army for the attack. Sulochana tries to convince her that it’s not the right time to attack. Mrinal says don’t waste your time to convince me.

Malwa welcomes Prithvi with triumph. Prithvi takes his mother blessings. He tells to sindhuraj that don’t ever think that I solely rule Malwa. It’s not my desire. It’s my responsibility. I’m king only for people, not for you.

Guru Aditya stops Mrinal and takes the sword from her hands. He says Malwa not only won the war they captivated. Mrinal says it’s better to be killed than being captivated in the war. It is so embarrassing for Tailap and manyaketh’s pride. She asks how this has happened? He say its Prithvi. He returned to Malwa, now he is new Samrat of Malwa. And also say it is his decision to captivate Tailap instead of killing. Mrinal asks her sword back as she wants to kill Prithvi immediately. Guru Aditya says it’s not time for war, we should protect our king.

Prithvi order to remove shackles of tailap. One of the courtiers condemns Prithvi to treat their enemy as a guest. Prithvi says who said he is our enemy. We don’t born as enemies. He is king of neighbor territory, It’s his responsibility to fight for his land. Courtier says don’t forget the damage that Tailap and his sister Mrinal to Malwa. They killed innocent people and destroyed Malwa, How can you leave me? Prithvi asks by killing Tailap, can we heal the damage? He says blood is not the solution, Malwa stretches its hand for peace. He also says we will send Tailap to Manyaketh safely with honor, but on one condition.

Mrinal gets message from Malwa. It reads malwa will send tailap safely to manyaketh safely. But we have one demand. You should pay the money for the damages that Mrinal has done to Malwa.

Manyaketh sainyadyaksh leaves to malwa to bring back Tailap. Tailap tells to pretending like be friendly with Manyaketh don’t heal enmity between us. Our enmity will never end. Prithvi order to send him Manyaketh.

Mrinal and Sulochana are missing from Manyaketh. Guru Aditya with soldiers searches for her. Mrinal with Sulochana leaves for Africa in the boat.



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