Prithvi Vallabh 20th January 2018 Written Episode, First Episode Written Update

Sony TV Prithvi Vallabh 20 January 2018 Written Update, Prithvi Vallabh 1st Episode Written Update

Today’s (19.01.2018) Prithvi Vallabh episode starts with the entry of Mrinal (Sonarika Bhadoria) on the horse. Then Mrinal comes to the place and reminisces her father. Then her childhood shown.

Mrinal loves his brother Tailap (Jitin Gulati) so much. When she was young, Malwa king Singdant attacks on Manyaketh. Mrinal hides Tailap, tells him not to scare off enemies and warns him not to move from there until she returns. The enemy soldiers kill her father, mother and sisters in front of her eyes. Enraged Mrinal throws her knife at Malwa king. He falls from the horse and looks her with shocking eyes. Then other soldiers about to kill Mrinal, Guru Aditya saves her and takes off from the terrible place.Since then she grows with the only motive is to ruin Malwa dynasty and kill everyone in the family.

Now, Mrinal and Tailap prepare for the war with Paanchal King. The vicious Paanchal king hires ship loaded soldiers from Africa to wreck Manyaketh. But soon Mrinal realizes the evil intention of the wicked king. And she orders her soldiers to keep an eye on African soldiers.

Even before the arrival of African soldiers Mrinal attacks Paanchal King and slaughters him. Then she waits for the African soldier’s arrival to make deal with them. Mrinal offers a lucrative deal to Africans and in favor she wants them to fight for her against Malwa Dynasty.  Then she sends Africans to attack Malwa Dynasty.

Now comes to the entry of dynamic warrior of Malwa, Prithvi Vallabh (Ashish Sharma). Prithvi advocates humanism and prosperity. He doesn’t encourage war and bloodshed. But if enemies make it essential, He won’t be quiet. He turns to a monster and wipes them out in no time.

Prithvi is not own son of Malwa king. Years ago Singdant founds this lost kid in the forest. Then Malwa king adopts him and announces him as the future king of Malwa. But later his wife gives birth to another child. Now, the immoral son wants to become king of Malwa. But Malwa king doesn’t like it at all.

Before Africans attack, Prithvi performs a dance on Prithvi Vallabh title track. Then African attacks the place with fire. Prithvi sees Africans attacking a woman and killing her. Prithvi blows up with anger and kills everyone. The man who brought soldiers surrenders to Pruthvi. Prithvi asks him from where he came and sends him with all dead bodies to Manyakheta.

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