Prithvi Vallabh 24 February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Today’s (24.02.2018) Prithvi Vallabh episode starts with Kallari, called Prithvi secretly, anxiously waiting in the jungle. Prithvi reaches there on a horse, and asks, why did you call me here guruji?  Worried Kallari says I call you to urge something, Prithvi. Clueless Prithvi asks what is it guruji? I have never seen you such worried about something. Kallari says I came to know that Mrinal gathered African soldiers to demolish Malwa, soon she will come here again. He says, my urge to you is please don’t bring your personal adoration, of Mrinal, in this war. Prithvi says Malwa protection is my destiny, nothing is higher than it; I just behave like the way those towards us.

Tailap asks Mrinal, where did you go Akka? She takes blessing from Guru Aditya, she says, nothing is important than Manyaket, we are going to fight with Malwa again. She orders Sulochana to begin preparations for war. Tailap says you came just now Akka,  you need to take some rest now. She says we should war on Malwa immediately, this time African men also fight for us, and this is going to be last war against Malwa. Guru Aditya says we will win this war for sure, but you need some rest now, meanwhile, we make the preparations for war. Mrinal leaves from there. Tailap asks Sulochana, how one can cross the sea to reach Africa? She replies, there nothing impossible for Mrinal.

Vilas herself on reading the lines of Prithvi’s sword. Amid she hears the Mrinal voice, trembled Vilas hides the sword under the pillow. Mrinal says why are you looking nervous, is anything wrong?  Vilas says nothing like that, indeed, even I wished to come to you. Mrinal asks apology for being rude to her. Vilas replies, I was the blemish, I shouldn’t have reminded you of that warrior, Prithvi.  Mrinal again gets angry, and says, you are repeatedly making the same mistake by taking his name. Vilas tries to cover the sword which is under the pillow. Mrinal again her about why is she looking so nervous? Vilas replies, can I meet you later, I need some rest now. Mrinal says ok but asks her to come whenever she feels better.

Mrinal takes rest in her room. In slumber, she dreams of romancing with Prithvi Vallabh, on slow melody track. Then suddenly awakes!

Then she pleads god with deep remorse. She importunes the god to give her strength to combat the thoughts of Prithvi, and to cement her concentration.

Maharaja SInghdant asks to kill the antipathy between Malwa and Manyaketh. He says Mrinal’s heart is filled with hostility towards me, also asks, a promise to end this rivalry. Prithvi says you need not to worry about all these, I am here, I will take care of everything.

When trousered Sindhu returns, he sees his wife Savitri in his room. He asks her why did she return again? She replies, I came to take care of yourself, stop wallowing on Madhira, it’s not good for your health. Sindh says why you talking like that you so much care for me,  I never forgive your mistake, also asks. how had you left me like this alone these days? Savitri asks him for an apology, but he is in no mood to accept her apology. She also brings a gift for him, but he throws it away. Sindhu says I don’t need the support of you, nor anyone, asks to leave him alone.

Prithvi, Kallari, and Singhdanth discuss the strategies of war. Prithvi explains the plans to everyone. He also asks to send a letter to get back, Bhoj from gurukul. Prithvi says he would also take part in the war. Singhdant says, but he still didn’t finish his learning at Gurukul. Prithvi replies Bhoj is a prominent warrior, also future of Malwa, he should face this situation to become a capable Samrat.

Mrinal prayers to god before leaving to malwa, for war. While she taking blessings from Guru Aditya, Tailap also asks blessings, he too wants to fight in the war. He also says, till date all victorious of Manyakewereerw because of you, please now let me win this war for Manyaketh. Mrinal says, my victory is yours your defeat is mine, this would be the last war between us, this time I will demolish Malwa. Also says, Manyaketh people need their king, I will return with the news of victory.

In Gurukul, Bhoj practices his skills. As a part of an exercise, he should save his guru, from death, whose hands tied and made sat at a place, where a razor-sharp arrow pointing towards his head, which is tied with a rope. Bhoj is surrounded by his fellow learner, who attacks him while he saving Guru. They cut the half of the rope, it takes, almost all, two minutes to decamp for the arrow, from the rope, and fell on Bhoj Guru’s head. Moreover, Bhoj eyes will be closed with a cloth. Bhoj enters into the field with masked eyes, other students attack him, time to time, with swords and arrow. Bhoj successfully escapes and when an arrow about to fall on the head,  Saves him. Every one appalaudes his potential. He gets a leeter from malwa which seeks him to return to malwa to mingle for coming war with Manyaketh.

Malwa Maharani worries about sindhu. She asks Sighdant, how can you sit so calmly? don’t u have responsitbity of your son? Singhdant replies I don’t dont worry about him anymore, because ma bahu, Savitri, will take care of him, She will show him the difference between good and bad.

Amid Bhoj returns from Malwa. His mother, Savitri, genial on seeing him. He takes blessings from his mother, then he takes blessings of Singhdant and maharani.

Kallari says to Prithvi, that it might rain tomorrow, and it will be good for us. If it rains they must go to the forest but to come out of our forest could be impossible. Amid Bhoj enters the room saying a poetic line. He takes blessings of Kallari and Prithvi. Bhoj says, childhood hood I am idealizing you, it’s great pleasure to fight along with you.

Mrinal and Manyaketh Sena on their way to Malwa on ships. Sulochana says it might rain tomorrow on seeing weather condition. Mrinal says it may rain or not, we would fight with Malwa.

Then they both reached the battlefield. Kallari and Prithvi awed on seeing Maha Manav, African Men, of Manyakketh. Kallari says we can’t beat this Maha Manav, we should alter the plan. Prithvi asks permission for the final urge to a peace pact. Then Kallarigivese permision, Prithvi goes near Manyaketh men for the final peace pact. Mrinal also, along with Sulochana, rides near him.

Excited? We should wait for tomorrow to know who will win the war. Also tomorrow, we will see Mrinal and Prithvi fighting each other! Can’t wait to see?


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