Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 01 September 2017 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 01st September 2017 Written Update, Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 01 September 2017 Episode Full Update

Today’s (01.09.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Madhu curses Murari why he didn’t tell the CBi guy all the truth, we had a chance to get back Anami. he says they are not cops but CBi, they are a big family and there is so much politics, we will get lost.

Murari is worried about Anami. He says i don’t know what Mahadev has done with us, he gave us a little girl, we loved her so much and now she is gone away from us. He says how will she battle against those big people. Madhu consoles him that though Anami is soft like Ganga, but she can be aggressive too and will be able to face all the trouble. She says will will get out Anami back.

Vatsalya’s college friend brings his stuff from his college hostel. Baldev gets emotional reading Vatsalaya’s poems. he tells that his son was good in shooting right from his childhood. Vatsalaya’s friends praises how smart Vatsalya was in debate and everything else. Anami is playing with kids in background and making noise. her ball hits on top floor and breaks the tea cups. Baldev looks down and yells at her and tells someone to throw her out of the house. Baldev tells her she is jungli, shameless and no has manners, how is the mother who has brought you up and who is your father. Anami says now you are done, let me tell you that my real parents should seriously go and die. Baldev calls Hira Singh to throw Anami, Gayatri dadi stops Hira Singh and says let them sort out their problems. Anami says, what happened you Hira Singh didn’t come. Baldev says you do good drama, that’s why Satrupa got you here. Has she thought you to do this drama. Anami says i do things with my will and i am ready to take responsibility of my actions, She faints down as she is talking to Baldev. Baldev is tensed.

Anami regains consciousness. She is in her room on the bed. She gets and asks what is all this. Doctor says let me give you injection and you will be fine, she says no and gets out of her bed and again faints. Poonam holds her and doctor gives her injection. Satrupa calls Murari and says Anami wants to talk to you. She goes to Anami and while giving the phone to her she asks should i tell them that you have not eaten for last three days. Anami says no and she speaks to Murari. he asks her how is she, she says i am good, don’t worry, he says don’t trust anyone in lal mahal and even drink the water with caution. Madhu takes the phone to talk to Anami, Anami is serious and emotional, Madhu asks you don’t stop talking and now you are so silent, Anami says i am good, don’t think so much, she says i am your mother and i can sense, you are not good. Anami says Pagli Panditayin i am good. Madhu tells her that you have have hatred, anger, love and whatever, but never insult food. Your body and food are most important thing. Please make sure to take care of yourself and your body.

Anami keeps the phone, Satrupa tells Poonam to serve Anami food. Anami has food and gets very emotional recollecting what Madhu told her over phone. Satrupa is also emotional seeing her eat food finally.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 02 September 2017 Precap:

Adhiraj whistles and asks Anami if she can give water for his car. She whistles back and says help yourself, they get into conversation. Anami says you portray to be someone else but you are hiding your reality.

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