Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 02 October 2017 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 02nd October 2017 Written Update, RKC 02 October 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (02.10.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Damoo tells Satrupa you have been thinking for so long, Satrupa is upset that Anami talks so much and she lost her admission, Damoo says you daughter is like you, if she has though of not going to that college, how will you convince, you both daughters are unpredictable, what will you think and do no one predicts, see now also you are thinking something. Satrupa hs a plan in mind and tells Damoo now she can eat something, send food for her.

A man is tied to chair in a factory and yelling to be saved, Dhiru puts kerosene around him, the man aks what are your doing, Dhiru says i will ask you something but you won’t do that work, you are of no use to me then what’s the use of your life, he scares him of getting burnt with fire with the chemical drums around. The man asks what do you want. He says you have to give your 36% shares and put them on my name, sign these papers. The man says no first but agrees to give his shares.

Poonam tells Anami that Satrupa has called for her, She says early morning this Matlabi Mataji has no work or what, i won’t come, Anami says Satrupa wants you to meet someone, please come.

Satrupa says i understand that you don’t want to college, but we cannot let your studies suffer, she introduces her to her new tutor, the tutor tells that i am not your tutor but your friend, i will make grrom you and you will turn from caterpillar to a butterfly, she keeps saying in English how she will change her. Anami says i understand what you are saying. Kamini she imagines Anami speaking in English and taking care of business and home, Anami insults while Kamini is crying. Kamini is scared and goes to her room, She taunts Pujan and Avdut of doing nothing as they will soon be in trouble, she says for first time, Anami has listen to Satrupa and is ready to study.

Pujan gets a call and is shocked, he says OK. Kamini says why are you in shock, Pujan says Adhiraj (cbi officer) has called for inquiry.

Anami tells her tutor, come lets go to the room, Damoo says learn here in front of everyone, tutor says its ok, at times people don’t want to study in front of others.

Anami brings tutor to her room and says madam please be comfortable here, she hints Poonam to close the dorr, she offers water to her, she says if you were in Banaras, i would have given you paan, she goes behind her back and ties her up to the chair and closes her mouth, She takes knofes in her hands. ownstairs Satrupa is worried, damoo says you should go and check once.

Anami is scaring the tutor and tells her tales of how she took care of people in banaras, she says let me change you too and change you form caterpillar to butterfly, she does her make up.

Pujan is with Adhiraj for inquiry, Adi shows him some papers, he says this is your call history which shows you were in touch with Mr. Oberoi. Pujans ays yes, i don’t deny, Oberoi had called him with an offer and i denied as i am not a person who will do think which will question my soul. Satrupa and Anami open Anami’s rrom and see the tutor drees in ghagra chlo, Anamis ays, this lady wnated to change me, i have chnaged her like me, She says matlabi mataji, i will nver change my personality for you, and if anypne will pressurize me, then i will do this to them.

Anami says Poonam today’s lesson is done, lets leaves, she asks Satrupa, if any other lesson is left. Satrupa says when someone is blind, like this happens, when she will get hurt, she will realize.

Adhiraj says fine, but why didn’t you tells your uncle Vikra, Pujan says , papa got heart attack some time back, so i didn’t want to give him more problem, i knew i could handle the problem. He says i am not a traitor, Adiraj says you don’t look like a loyal person either. Pujan says you have no prrofs and keep questioning me. Next time, when you have solid proof or witness, only then call me, do you understand, you better understand.

Vikram and Gayatri are playing game of chess, dadi looks like your neck is stressed, you should asks Anami to help you, her hands have magic like Vatsalaya, he says don’t mention her. Anami comes and sees them playing chess, she does check and mate, She tells daddi ji, its you men who have made this game black and white, if it was we woemn, it would have been colourful.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Precap:

Adhiraj’s father meets Vikram.

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