Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 05 September 2017 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 05th September 2017 Written Update, Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 05 September 2017 Full Episode Written Update

Today’s Rishton Ka Chakravyuh (05.09.2017) episode starts with Pujan replies to Adiraj’s questions. he says the truth is simple. I am not the son of Vikramaditya. My wife and son have no rights and we are being left alone and questioned. Adhiraj says if your emotional drama is done, let me get some answers about this jwellery that went from lal mahal to the Bala, the murderer.

Kamini says i am being stressed and have a headache, i cannot answer. adhiraj says you are forcing me to use other techniques. Pujan tells Kamini not to say another word.He tells adiraj that yes this jwellery belongs to Kamini. After Vatsalya’s death, there was a burglary. How could we tell everyone about the theft when everyone was mourning for Vatsalaya. Adhiraj says how come only your jwellery got missing. He says the thief did not come for jwellery but for company’s secret file. He took away the jwellery as bonus. Vikarm singh yells at him that she hid such important information from tem. Pujan says i have changed the passwords and taken care of imp documents. He says thankfully the jewellery got lost and we knew about the documents theft. Pujan gives him FIR copy of document and jwellery theft. Adhiraj demands to see the date of changing documents and password to verify, but Vikram tells him that he has done enough of investigation and wasted their time!

Anami climbs the wall to sneak peak in the room (Vatsalya’s room). She falls on Adhiraj. He asks what is this. He sents this is accident. She says have you not heard jack and jill went up the hill, he says you can give better excuse. he says what were you doing up, she says catching ghosts, she says looks like you went to give bad time to other, but you had a bad time.

She sees he has got hurt and helps him with his injury. She says you should not let pain grow. he says you helped me, let me help you now, you can leave Lal Mahal. Your mother wants to get your DNA test, we have also applied for the same. She asks what it is. he says it can expose Satrupa’s drama and she will try all her efforts to get the reports in her hands. He says there is danger to your life here, take this phone and call when you are in danger. She says because of the situation i will take this, but i will not say thank you. He says that much i have understood.

Vikram apologies to kamini that a outsider cam and harassed you. Kamini does drama that she can take anything for this family. Pujan says that cop keeps targeting us every now and the, i will now keep a watch on this guy. Baldev says if Adhiraj is saying truth even for 1%, then it will not be good for anyone. Satrupa stares at Pujan while Narottam gives a evil grin.

Sudha laughs off when she hears the jwellery theft story and wonders how careless lal mahal people are. She asks Naian what is this, Naina says these are bangles, Sudha says no, this are promise of long lasting relationship, she aks him what is the name of the BCI guy. She sings song.. dekho dekho toote na.

Adhiraj’s Boss yells at him that i have got so many calls, i warned you not to cross your line, Adhiraj says i went for interrogation. His boss tells him to see the file which shows Pujan has helped Royal steel. Adhiraj says i am sorry sir, your being stressed because of this case, he asks him about his strategy. He says i think Vatsalya’s murderer will not target Anami. We have a chance to catch him. Hiss boss gives him another chance. Anami is talking to Poonam. She is happy and tells Poonam that today her day went really went well, i don;t know what should i do, Poonam asks her are you in love like kajol (dilwale Dulhania.. song plays). Anami says don’t think too much, Poonam says i head about you holding Adhiraj’s hands. Poonam says you and Adhiraj are equals and will look good together.

Poonam says why are you happy with DNA test. Anami says with this eat, i will be free and away from lal mahal. I have found out the way for this DNA test. She says satrupa will never be able to prove i am her daughter and she will herself send me back to Banaras. Satrupa is tenses, Damoo tells her not to worry. Narottam comes to her room, Dammo says this is not right time, Satrupa lets him come in. Satrupa says think efore opening your mouth as you will be responsible for the consequences.

Narottam says the day when Vatsalya left house, Pujan knew that Vatsalaya would run away from the house. She comes towards him and slaps him.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Precap:

Satrupa re-creates the scene of Vatsalya’s accident scene. Pujan requests her to spare his son Avadhut. She says now you can witness your son’s death in front of your eyes.


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