Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 06 September 2017 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 06th September 2017 Written Update, RKC 06 September 2017 Written Episode 

Today’s Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 06 September 2017 episode starts with 

The episode starts with Narottam reveals truth to Satrupa…Satrupa is in anger where Narottam recalls the past when Pujan and Avdhoot humiliated him Narottam smiles and says now this Durga Maa will not leave you.

Avdhoot recalls the moment when Anami twisted his hand he is lost in Anami’s memories suddenly his sister comes and teases him…

Satrupa kidnaps Avdhoot and ties him inside car, infront of his car there is truck beside this Satrupa confronts Pujan in her car and asks him to vomit truth but Pujan cries and pleads Satrupa to leave Avdhoot.

Pujan says he did nothing wrong with Vatsalya where after Satrupa asks his man to accident Avdhoot, the truck comes in fast speed, Avdhgoot shouts for help and cries a lot in fear.

Pujan requests Satrupa and asks Satrupa to kill Avdhoot he will live with his Avdhoot’s memories but he is true he didn’t harmed or instigated Vatsalya he was also son for him…Pujan is trying to make Satrupa believe that he is innocent.

Pujan cries meanwhile Satrupa stops his man,,, the trck stops Pujan comes out of Satrupa’s car and steps to save his son…he hugs Avdhoot and stares Satrupa…

Later on Satrupa applies ointment on Avdhoot’s injury…he caresses Avdhoot Avdhoot expresses his fear of facing death today…Satrupa tells him that from now onwwards their relation have become strong…

Satrupa confronts Narottam and asks him to sit down he sits on floor and is too much scared…she throws cup and tea…Narottam says that he is telling truth but Satrupa denies and says she will kill him if has done any mistake then accept it.

Satrupa exits and asks Daamo to spy Narottam he may do anything…

Anami sneakily enters into Vatsalya’s room she gets key she plays piano suddenly Satrupa gets in room and investigates who is here…


Anami acts like Adhiraj amid kids where Adhiraj comes and she feels shy. 

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