Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 07 September 2017 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 07th September 2017 Written Update, RKC 07 September 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (07.09.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Satrupa enters Vatsalya’s room to see who intruded in the locked room. She gets sad seeing his piano and remembers her son. Chanda hai tu song plays in background. FB.. Vatsalya is playing hai apna dil toh aawara tune on piano and mother-son have good time…Satrupa is in tears. Anami sees her behind the curtains as Satrupa is asking her son..why did he go away from her.. She opens his watch box and wears one of them on her wrist.Anami tries to escape from room but trips, Satrupa sees her, she wipes her tears, Satrupa asks what are your doing hear, Anami says i was looking for Poonam, Satrupa says if you want to come in this room, you can come whenever you want, Anami leaves without saying anything. Satrupa finds Anami’s anklet on ground and picks it up. She looks at both watch and anklet and gets emotional.

Avadhut says what if Satrupa would not have stopped the truck, papa. Pujan says if Satrupa would want to kill me, she would have directly killed and not done this drama, Avadhut asks what will we do now, Pujan says now Satrupa’s trust can bring us more close to the family that we can do anything and no one will doubt us. Now, we are the jung in lal mahal that will destroy it.

Adhiraj recollects Anami healing his injury and smiles, his sister takes his case. She says i think you are hiding about some girl, tell me, Adhiraj tells what do you mean, his sister says who has made my angry young brother a lover boy. He tells her to mind her business. She says you are smiling on your won, now i should asks father to get you married. Adhiraj imagines Anami as a bride. He says don’t tell father about anything and leaves.

Anami tells the kids that no one can stop me in Banaras, she talks about how she exposed a Baba.

Adhiraj’s assistant tells him that you are getting too emotional about Anami and giving her benefit of doubt, she says i think Anami is involved with Satrupa. May be she is playing games, Adhiraj says DNA test will clear everything.

Anami is talking to the kids about Adhiraj, how he got injured every time he met her, adhiraj i standing behind her as she is talking about him. Poonam hints her to look behind, but she ignore her. Adhiraj tells her to look once. Anami is in a spot, she tells the kids that to many stories you hear, now leave. She tells Poonam i will take your case later. She tells Adhiraj i was telling fact, didn’t you get hurt when you met me last time. Adhiraj tells her that soon DNA test reports will be out. Anami is happy and runs towards the garden to celebrate with kids. A man is spreading gas for riding mosquito, Anami is allergic to it like Vatsalya, Dadi notice it from her balcony.

Later, Dadi is remembering how she had made two pair of booties expecting that Satrupa would have twins. She tells Dadaji that may be Anami is here to fill space of Vatsalya’s absence. Vikram Singh says he does not want to hear more on this topic.

Next day morning, Dadi purposely puts peanuts in poha that is made for breakfast. Satrupa comes late on breakfast table. Pujan makes comments on how media is behind DNA story. Poonam comes running to meet satrupa and tells her that Anami is suffering just like Vatsalya after having phoa with peanuts in it.


Anami has rashed and is in pain with allergy. Poonam and Satrupa attend to her while Anami remembers Madhu warning her not to eat peanuts. Baldev, Dada and Dadiji see them from Balcony.

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