Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 09 September 2017 Written Episode RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Written Update 09th September 2017, RKC 09 September 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (09.09.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Sudha tells Narottam not to speak ill about his Dadaji and asks him to tell sorry. She says who decides here who will breathe his last, he says you mother, she says you are losing focus, i am the ruler in this game.

She says you should focus on Anam, your game will start with Anami and end with her too, start your game, She tells him to go and make sure that he does not do any mistake, as he knows well that she cannot forgive anyone.

Doctors are operating Vikram Aditya, Gayatri blames Satrupa that it is because of her that Vikram is unwell, and if anything happened to Vikram, she would be blamed. Baldev consoles his mother, Gayatri says she is responsible for everything, Baldev says now father needs you, Baldev looks at Satrupa in anger.

Anami comes inside Lal Mahal and wonders where everyone is gone. She sees narottam is playing chess. She says wow you have laid nice trap. he says i get peace of mind when i play chess. She sees the game and says you play very well from both sides. She says vatsalya used to play good game and he only taught me. She says in this house everyone talks ill about each other, but no one spoke bad about Vatsalya. I wish i could meet him once.

She says why everything is silent in Lal Mahal. He tells that everyone is at Hospital as Dadaji has suffered heart attack. She says don’t worry old man will not go soon. He says hope so. She says lets play a new game. She says you will lose in six moves, she tells him not to take so much time for his moves, while playing she says do you like here, he says i can’t go anywhere as i am helpless, even you are staying here with no option left, she says yes, i am being stooped for some reason, but it cannot stop me for a long time, i will soon leave this place. She asks him why nobody talks about your mother, even you do not talk about your mum, he says i am not allowed to talk about her, Anami asks where does she stay, he says do not ask anything further, Narottam gets up, his kurat tears, she notices lots of marks on his back na feels bad for him, he is happy that she saw the wounds on his back, He tells himself Anami that i have not let you play your sixth move, but you will see my seventh move. 

Doctor tells Vikram Singh is in critical condition and no one can meet him now.

Anami sees Narottam changing and asks him who has hurt him like that. He says here some one is my dada, dadji uncle or aunt, he says its my destiny that is bad, She asks what have you done that you get beaten up, He says my mistake is that i am Baldev’s illegitimate son.She says things will change now, if anyone hurts you, i will hurt him/her even ten times more. She leaves, Narottam makes an evil face expression.

A new entry is seen reading news in his car about Vikarm’s heart attack. He enters the hospital and doctor asks him who are you, he tells doctor not to tell anyone if he wants his family alive and make sure the Vikarm is alive, he Vikram dies, your family will not be alive. He also gives money to doctor for his service. New Entry enters Vikram’s room and tells Vikram who is lying unconscious that he cannot die soon as he (new entry) has to clear dues. He tells him to open eyes and see his Dhiru. Your family tried to kill me but i am alive for you and i am here to complete the ending of this story.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11 September 2017 Precap:

Anami enters Baldev’s room, he tells her to get out, she says i too want to get out of here and i have a proposal, if your interested, i will tell you

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