Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11 August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th August 2017 Written Update, Chakravyuh 11 Augsut 2017 Episode Written Update

Today’s (11.08.2017 Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Anami tells her borther to tell his name as Lakshya and not ladoo during his school admission interview.

A man on the bus recognizes Vatsalya to be son of satrupa. A goon who is behing Vatsalya with a gun in his hands reveals himself. it is Vatsalya’s bodygaurd. He says to talk to his mother. Vatsalya says.. yes mom i am caught. She tells him to stop hide and seek and come home. She says i have lost and i agree to all your terms and conditions. She is worried about his safety. Vatsalya’ father says you should run away with a girl and your running away alone. he says i have mgot you mother agreeed to let you appear for exams. Vatsalya sits in a car. A man on the bike sees the car going and calls omeone that Tej Khan (bodygaurd) has taken Vatsalya in the car.

Chacha says do whatever you want to do but make sure Vatsalya should not come back to Lal Mahal. His son says you are wasting your time as Vatsalya is with tej Khan. Chacha says this time even tej Khan will not come back.

In the school, Lakshya (ladoo) is called for his interview. teacher takes his interview and Anami looks from the window. He gets tensed and Anami wishes he says properly as he is giving some other answers. Murari and his wife also give interview in another room. They too don”t get pirncipal’s questions and request the principal that they will speak in english. They says have a son and daughter valled Laksya and Anami. Anami is in college. they request to ge Lakshya admitted in school. Anami is tensed about admissions. Anami goes to principal. Anami says i know the result would not be nice. She equests to give an opportunity else he can never learn english. Principal says i cannot help. Anami says my brother is good in race.

ladoo gets ready to race and beat school records. Anami supports him. Ladoo slips on the ground. His father picks him up and runs along with him.

Satrupa is talking on phone with Vatsalya. In kicthen she smells kheer and says that Vatsalya like buffalo milk and not cow milk. She asks to make milk again. Vatsalya says mom you know all of my small things that i like. Radio song is heard. It is Satrupa’s favourite song.. hain apna dil to aawara.. He tells his mother to sing along.. they enjoy singing..

A truck bumps into Vatsalya’s car and its rolls on the road. Satrupa hears the accident and gets shocked and tensed.

Anami’s rudra mala gifted by Vatsalya breaks and falls on floor. Satrupa runs to tell her family. Everyone is shocked. Chacha grins. She tells her husband.

Aami sees broken rudra mala and remembers Vatsalya telling her to ge his sister. She is tensed too.

All woen are sitting in white saree with a pot in hand which they break together. satrupa is sitting in white saree with water being poured on her…(Vatsalya is dead).

A lady called Laila (Sangita Ghosh) is seen getting ready putting sindoor and red saree. A lady says that lal mahal is mourning vatsalya’s death. She is shocked to hear about Vatsalya’s death. She is in tears..She says kaal has taken away Vatsalya.. She says Vatsalya has got the punishments of others crimes. She says i want to cry. She tells her maid that you are wondering why i am wearing red on mourning day.. wold might wear white clothes.. but for me morining colour is red.. for nme veythings is red.. n lal mahal too.. my hands are also red.. she seems to be happy with lal mahal mourning. She plays radio…Laila says true pleasure is in song and makeup.. she is unaffected with Vatsalya’s death.

Actor Ankit Siwach makes dashing entry as inspector Adhiraj. He tells the commissioner that yet another case has been which seems to be murder is being closed as accident case. (Alse See:  Chakravyuh on Star Plus: Ankit Siwach to be lead actor opposite Mahima Makwana)

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 12 August 2017 Precap:

Adhraj says what is shown in Lal Mahal, is not as it sems. He gets to solve the case. He reaches Lalmahal and sees a family picture.

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