Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 12 August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 12th August 2017 Written Update, Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 12 August 2017 Episode Full Update

Today’s (12.08.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with lal mahal mourns for Vatsalaya’s death. A woman says he was only son of the Satrupa. Satrupa is devastated and overhears it. Dadaji sad. Baldev remembers a conversation with his son about losing a golf match. He remembers how his son said that he would be left crying alone after losing match. he cries for his son. A man brings him back to present.

Dadiji remembers his chess game with Vatsalya. Satrupa remebers singing and dancing with Vatsalya. She remebers how he was asking to send him back to hostel. She hears someone running. Satrupa sees vatsalya’s childhood as he runs through the corridor. She runs goes back behind the childhood memmory.

She remembers him tearing of the pillows as a child. She is in his room and is shocked to see her sons’ picture and starts crying aloud. Anami is remembering Vatsalya while looking at the broken rudraksha mala gifted to her by Vatsalya and feels uneasy that something wrong has happened. She wonders what had God done and she is getting wrong emotions. She says i am not at peace there is sheer silince and i am feeling this for the first time like i have lost something.

Baldev is standing at the door as people are leaving after the mourning ceremony. Pujan is happy to see them and is happy that his time will come to reign. He wants everyone to come out of their sorrow and then they will come to them to take care of business. He tells his sone to get in touch with a man called Javed. Baldev’s step brother is having tears in his eyes as he holds a guitar. He looks in anger at Vatsalya’s pictures and his jacket. He wears Vatsalya’s jacket and talk to his pictures. He says you dont know what it means to be YOU. I always wanted to be YOu but i could not.

Anami is sitting on a high building looking at the river. Her father Murari comes with a cup of tea. His father tells her to forget whatever happened in school yesterday. She says i don’t what is wrong. Murari says don’t be so sad about laddoo not getting admissions. She says some sort of silence is killing me.

He says we can be at peace by being strong in this journey. Peace will not come to you on its own. He says for now lets drink this tea and enjoy it.

Satrupa comes to her room and keeps looking for something in drawers and cupboard. She finds her gun in the cupboard. She points the gun on her forehead and is about to shoot herself. The pistol is empty. She screams out of frustation. She goes to get bullets and fills it.

A guy comes in a jeep and enters Lal Mahal. He stares at the palace and looks at a family picture. He says lal Mahal, you have made me stone. Now, i will take revenge for all pain and hurt you have given me.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 14th August 2017 Precap:

Punjan Singh requests the media to leave his family alone as they are mourning. He hints a guy to do something. Anami is surrounded by some goons and they tell her that its her time to leave Banaras.



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