Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 13 September 2017 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Written Update 13th September 2017, RKC 13 September 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (13.09.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Anami manages to take Poonam’s blood samples and is happy.

Avadhut’s goons chase Adhiraj’s sister and her friend and eve tease them, Adhiraj’s sister faces them bravely while her friend manages to escape and calls Adhiraj. She informs Adhiraj about his sister being in danger, Adhiraj leaves the hospital and goes to save his sister. Avdhut tells his goons over the earphones that not to get too close to Adhiraj’s sister as she is their would be Bhabhi. The goon ignores him and continue to tease her, she slaps the main guy as he takes out her duppatta. He gets angry and picks her up, Avdhoot comes from behind and stops him, the goon says this has now become personal matter and points a gun at him and tells Avdhut to leave, Avadhoot manages to take the gun from him and tells them all to go. Adhiraj’s sisters looks at Avadhut after they are gone.

At hospital, Ila who is disguised as doctor is eying Anami. Anami tells her CBI people have to change their ways to spy, you will disguise as a doctor and we won’t find, Satrupa smiles. Anami is called for Blood test sample. She has Poonam’s blood sample in her hand, she pretends to have feel pukish seeing all the blood around and manages to switch the blood samples while the doctor is busy with his chores. She is happy that her plan has worked.

Avadhoot asks Adhiraj’s sister if she is okay, he holds her hands and says your are hurt while she looks at him, She picks up her bag and when she turns back, she is gone. She looks for him, Adhiraj comes there and asks her how is she, she says i am good, Adiraj asks will you be able to identify her.

Pujan enter the hospital disguised in a boorkha and carries someone else’s blood sample with him, Anami bumps into him and the samples fall down and get exchanged. Pujan goes to the doctor and tells him take these blood sample. Doc asks whose is it, he says its ward no. 16. blood sample, he tells doctor now you can do your work honestly, i cannot let any chances ruin the test results (unaware that he gave Anami’s real blood sample).

At lal Mahal, Pujan’s wife tells him that if he cannot find oil then he can just massage her head, he says why do you want to  ruin your moment with your closed eyes, he takes out a diamond necklace and makes her wear it. She says such an expensive necklace, he says you should be used to all of this now, She imagines throwing tantrums and insulting Satrupa after being the queen of Lal Mahal.

Satrupa is tensed, Damoo says why are you worried, Satrupa says if a lie is told loudly people might believe it to be true, there are so many others in this house who have eye on DNA test results for their personals gains. Damoo says the CBi guy will do his job honestly, nothing will go wrong. Poonam enters the room, Satrupa asks her what were you doing in car trunk, Poonam says Anmi wanted me to come, but i said no, hence she tied me up and put me in trunk. Satrupa sees band-aid on her hands and asks her what happened, tell her the truth, Poonam makes excuse of being hurt and hence the band-aid. Satrupa checks the wound and sees it’s not injection wound but a big cut wound. Poonam leaves. Damoo says i feel something si wrong. Satrupa says i know one thing now that if ever Anami has to stand alone in life, this girl (Poonam) will always be her Damoo (support).

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 14 September 2017 Precap:

The Judge is announcing DNA tests results, satrupa is tensed, while Pujan and his family are happy. Anami too is happy. The doctor says Baldev and Anami’s blood samples have….

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