Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 14 December 2017 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 14th December 2017 Written Update, RKC Written Episode

Today’s (14.12.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts Satrupa tells Purshottam to call Sudha. Anami reaches the place as instructed by Purshottam.

Sudha cuts Purshottam’s call as Gayatri dadi was standing round her. He again calls her. Gayatri tells Sudha to pick the phone. Purshottam asks Sudha about Lal Mahal’s property and tells her that he wants his share in the property. Sudha remains silent as Gayatri is walking towards her with the aarti. She takes the aarti and rushes outside. She is angry and shouts at Purshottom. She tells him to do what he is said to do and not question her. 

Purshottam gets angry and bangs his hand. Satrupa sees his frustration and tells him that she was right. Satupa tells him to re-think as Sudha will not even recognize you after the work and he will get caught in police case.

Anami is shouting out Laddoos name and looks for him everywhere. Heera Singh comes running there and Satrupa asks him if she found Laddoo. Heera Singh tells Satrupa that Anami has reached here. Satrupa gets shocked and tells him that she must not come here as this place is dangerous.

Purshottam informs Satrupa that he called her here. She asks him the reason to bring Anami here. Purshottam tells that he wanted to kill Anami but Laddu came in between their way and he knows that Anami loves her little brother.

Satrupa gets upset and asks him to take the money and give Laddoo back. Sudha goes to Anami’s room with prasad to check if she is gone. She keeps repeating Anam’s name and is happy. She laughs in her style and dances.

Meanwhile, Heera Singh comes near the car and manages to take Laddoo out of the car just in time and he brings him to Satrupa. Purshottam gets shocked. Satrupa is happy to see Laddoo safe and more confident now.

Satrupa asks Purshottam that what will he do now as neither he has Laddu nor money and her men target Purshottam. Laddu leaves Heera Singh’s hand and runs towards Satrupa while Purshottam holds Laddu and gun points her. Purshottom warns Satrupa to not outsmart or Laddu will be killed. Satrupa shows some action to Heera Singh. Laddu starts crying while Satrupa gives him strength saying that he is strong like Anami. Laddu remembers Anami and he bites Purshottam and runs to Satrupa. Satrupa says Laddu that she will take him to his Anami. Heera Singh asks Satrupa to give her orders to kill Purshottam. Satrupa looks at him and she leaves. Anami was running in search of Laddu while she looks at Satrupa and Laddu coming towards her and she gets delighted. Anami shouts his name. Laddu also gets excited looking at Anami and runs towards her. Anami hugs Laddu. Laddu gets emotional and says he did not go for a picnic and the man kidnapped him. He has not even eaten anything since these three days. Anami says she will feed him. Satrupa smiles looking at him. Anami and Laddu forget Satrupa and get ready to leave. Satrupa shockingly feels bad. Later, Satrupa fears reuniting Anami and Ladoo and thinks now everything is over. While this was just her dream and Laddu asks her what happned.


Gayatri asks Adhiraj about Laddu. Adhiraj says he is still investigating. Satrupa warns Sudha that till the time she does not found Laddu Sudha will not get his son. Later, Sudha tries to throttle Satrupa.

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