Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 18 December 2017 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 18th December 2017 Written Update, RKC Written Episode

Today’s (18.12.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Sudha gets frustrated and keeps on thinking whatever Satrupa said. Sudha goes to her room and she throws everything there and keeps on destroying things. Sudha shouts out loudly. Poonam looks at her secretly and she leaves. 

Sudha gets furious and says she will not leave anyone. Naina comes there and tries to calm her. Naina shows her the injection and Sudha pushes her. Naina holds her tightly. Sudha asks her to leave but Naina holds her and gives the injection. Anami looks at Laddo’s picture. Poonam comes running and tells Anami about Sudha. Gayatri calls Poonam. Poonam gets worried as Gayatri asked her to prepare khichdi and she runs. Adhiraj thinks about Anami and Satrupa’s blame over him.

He thinks about Satrupa’s story. He asks Ila to put Satrupa’s phone on surveillance. Tanya comes to him and asks him about being upset. Adhiraj tells her about his problem of Anami and Lal Mahal. He says he can risk his life to save Anami but she can’t understand. Tanya explains him that she has lost his brother and so she is disappointed. Tanya tells him that why he does not confess his feelings to Anami. Adhiraj asks her to leave.

Anami comes with pain in her room. Satrupa brings milk for her and looks Anami in pain. She shouts at Anami for showing her bravery. Satrupa starts crying and she applies the cream on her hands and legs. Anami says she is crying and tries to calm her saying that she used to get hurt daily. Anami thinks about Laddo and she asks Satrupa about him. Satrupa makes her story and tells to Anami. Satrupa tells her that he was fine. Flashback starts when Satrupa brings Laddo to another place. Laddo questions saying that he wanted to meet Anami. Satrupa says he has to stay here to save Anami’s life. Laddo remembers whatever Purshottam said and tells Satrupa that he will save Anami and will stay here. Laddo asks Satrupa asks to bring a video game, superman costume, Ice cream and lots of food. Satrupa comforts Anami, but doesn’t disclose that she has taken Ladoo away. Anami feels dizzy. Satupa checks her and finds that she has fever. Satrupa takes care of Anami and Anami falls asleep. Naina comes to Sudha’s room and tells that she found Narottam and Purshottam everywhere but she could not find them. Sudha comes running to Anami’s room. Satrupa asks her to stay quite. Satrupa goes out. Sudha asks her were is Narottam loudly. Satrupa asks her not to shout as her daughter is asleep. Satrupa warns him about Narottam.

Sudha says she will take a wise step and will not let Satrupa win. Satrupa’s assistant goes to check Laddu while she does not find him in the bed. Meanwhile, Laddo cries sitting in a place. Anami looks at Sudha attacking Satrupa.


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