Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 21 August 2017 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Written Update 21st August 2017, Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 21 August 2017 Episode Written Update

Today’s Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 21.08.2017 episode starts with Avadhut gets ready for his ceremony to become the heir of Royal Steel. Sudha’s son comes and tells him to come for puja. He calls him bhaiyya. Avadhut tells him not to call him brother as from today he will be his servant. He tells him to touch his feet.

Pujan’s wife tells Guruji to start Avadhut’s pagdi ceremony. Guruji says now is not the time. Punjan says we will wait. His wife tells him that you never know how things change in this family. Dadiji tells Dadaji to come for the ceremony. he says what has happened, everything is lost with Vatsalya’s death. She says you have to save Royal Steel to to save families of the people who work for us.

A maid comes and informs Guruji that Satrupa is on her way. Panditiji starts puja. He sees bones in the wood that are used for the puja. He says this puja cannot happen as it is abshagun. Punjan gives him money and tells him that he should do some ritual and start the puja in ten minutes. Guruji tries to tell Dadaji that even God is hinting that we should not make Avadhut the next heir. Dadaji says we are going through difficult times, please don’t make it even more harder for us.

Panditji starts the pagdi ceremony again. A man comes and calls Baldev to come for ceremony. He asks where is satrupa. He says why is she escaping from all of this, what is she up to. He says Satrupa is not escaping, she is coming from Banaras towards Lal Mahal. He says i cannot be part of this. The man says you have to be there as all Royal Steel investors are here. he says i will become father of a donkey (Avadhut).

Pujna tells hi wife, see they are getting the pagdi. He is happy. baldev’s son (Sudha’s son) is jealous to see pagdi and the rasam starting. A maid informs Satrupa that the rasam has started.

Satrupa gives water to Anami and says you must thirsty. She tells Anami that this will be all of a sudden for you like an accident,. Give some time. Anami says you are trying to talk to me as you do not like this silence in the car. She says there is nothing in our relationship and you should get used to this. I am ending this relationship with this water and she empties the bottle.

Adiraj’s boss (commissioner) reprimands him as there is no development in Vatsalya’s accident case. he says he has to bring something else he won’t get more time. Adiraj comes to office to meet a Munna panwala. he is scared to see Adiraj’s gun and says please don’t do my encounter. Adiraj says you have a shop next to Lal Mahal. he says you also have a police case against you. Panwala says sir, i don’t like, please let me go. Adiraj says you have start giving me all developments in lal mahal and is you don’t i will open your case and your will be in jail.

Sudha’s son is torturing himself by beating with a rope and remembering how Dadaji, Avadhut, and other have insulted him. Pujan is happy to see his son’s ceremony.

The puja is done. Guruji is about to put the padgi on Avdhut so he can takeover Royal Steel. Just then Satrupa enter and says STOP.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 22 August 2017 PRECAP:

Satrupa tells Dadaji that 17 years back she did a very big mistake, she gave birth to two kids and not one. You have another grandchild. Anami makes an entry in Lal Mahal.

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