Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 21 November 2017 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 21st November 2017 Written Update Written Episode 

Today’s (21.11.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh starts with Vikram says that Sudha will destroy our family. Baldev gets angry and says that he will throw Sudha back to the mental asylum. Adhiraj works in his laptop and Dhiru comes and asks him for coffee. Dhiru looks at Purshottam’s picture and Dhiru tells Adhiraj that he died 5 years back and also informs him that he is Sudha’s brother.

Baldev plans Sudha’s death and asks Heera Singh to kill Sudha. Meanwhile, Satrupa comes there and stops Baldev saying that Anami bought Sudha here and she will only take her back. Anami’s foster mother hets sentimental and thinks about Anami and Laddu. Anami and Adhiraj again meet up in the same cafe. Adhiraj gets disappointed about Bhima’s case. Anami tries to lift up Adhiraj’s mood. Pujan hands Avdhoot money to give money to Bhima’s family and to stay alert. Meanwhile, Sudha taunts Pujan saying that he is Vibhishan of Ramayana.

Pujan replies saying that the story also had Shurpnaka and asks her to also tell the kids about her. Meanwhile, a doctor comes and questions Satrupa whether Sudha takes her medicines on time and also informs that she never used to take her medicine and used to harm others around her in the asylum. Anami also listens to the doctor. The doctor also says that if Gayatri is saying that Sudha tried to attack her then this must be true. Doctor asks Satrupa to keep Sudha in a place where she can be observed and also look after if she takes her medicine on time.

Avdhoot calls Tanya and starts confessing his love for her. Tanya blushes and talks to him while Adhiraj looks at Tanya and secretly listens to her conversation. Tanya comes to know that Adhiraj is keeping an eye over her and starts her drama. She tells Avdhoot that they will marry and even if his brother does not agree then they will run away. Avdhoot gets confused. Adhiraj comes there and says Tanya to stop her drama and leaves. Satrupa tells Anami that they have saved Narottam from Sudha as she also tried to attack over Narottam. Satrupa also tells that does not take her medicines on time. Anami tells she will try to explain Sudha. Satrupa agrees with Anami but says that Sudha will stay out of Lal Mahal in the guest house and hands this responsibility to Anami to take her out of Lal Mahal. Anami goes to Sudha’s room and checks the medicines thrown by Sudha in the dustbin. Heera Singh looks at Anami and informs this to Satrupa. Heera Singh tells Satrupa that he did his job and throw the medicines in the dustbin. Satrupa and Gayatri smile as everything happens according to their plans.

Sudha tries to scare Laddu with stories of ghost. Anami comes there and shouts at Sudha for saying such stories to Laddu. Anami holds Sudha’s hand and takes her out of Lal Mahal and asks her to stay there in guest house from now. Satrupa smiles.


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