Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 22 February 2018 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 22nd February 2018 Written Update, RKC Written Episode

Today’s (22.02.2018) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Anami promises Satrupa that she will fill the gap between them with love and respect. She gets happiness in her life. Satrupa misses Vatsalya. Baldev thanks Satrupa for giving him a lovely daughter, Anami. He realizes Anami is a true gem, which he didn’t know before. He feels Anami has taught him to value relationships. They get emotional. Baldev wishes they could save Vatsalya. He apologizes to Satrupa for not understanding her situation till now. He feels sorry that his low sensibility have kept their happiness away. He promises to start afresh and not repeat his mistakes. Satrupa gets happy. She wants to strengthen their relationship. She decides to set things fine in their family.

Anami meets Adhiraj. She feels guilty that she lied to everyone about her foster parents. She decides to tell them that her parents are alive and she lied to secure them. Adhiraj asks her to go ahead and reveal the truth. She fears to ruin the relationships by her lie. He asks her not to have any fear in mind, Satrupa will definitely understand her.

Satrupa finds Narottam packing his bags. He wants to pay for his mum’s crimes. Satrupa finds him very sensible to learn from his life. She apologizes to him for not giving him his rights. She feels sorry for him, who lost his mum. He tells her that Sudha never loved him as her son. He doesn’t regret to get Sudha punished. She asks him not to leave Lal Mahal, as its not his fault. She thanks him for saving them from Sudha. She doesn’t want Narottam to leave from Anami’s life. He tells her that he has made his mind, and doesn’t want to stay with them, since Lal Mahal will remind him Sudha’s crimes. She tries hard to convince him. She asks him if he is going as she is not related to him. She asks Narottam to stay back for Baldev’s sake. She accepts him as Baldev’s son.

Anami comes home and realizes Narottam’s departure plans. She asks him not to leave, as she needs a brother like him. She tells him that its not his fault if Sudha plotted against the family. She asks him not to feel guilty and join the family to give them happiness. She thanks him for standing by the right. She asks Narottam to stay back and support her forever. He loses courage to face his life. She defends Satrupa.

She doesn’t want him to go. Narottam gets burdened by his guilt. He reveals that Purushottam and Sudha killed Vatsalya. Anami learns Vatsalya was murdered and grieves over the truth. He tells her that he will always remember this truth and feel more guilty. She tells him that they will keep this secret from the family. She doesn’t want Narottam to leave. She gives him a lesson from Mahabharat and asks him not to get confused if his intentions are true. She convinces Narottam by much struggles. Anami calls up Adhiraj to share the matter with him. He agrees to meet her at cafe and talk out.

Dheeru decides to leave the city for everyone’s betterment. Adhiraj doesn’t know Dheeru’s decision. He meets Anami at the cafe. She reveals to him that Vatsalya was murdered by Sudha and her brother. Adhiraj shares his doubt. She reveals that Narottam has told her this truth. She tells him that she doesn’t want anyone to blame Narottam. Adhiraj asks her to talk to Satrupa about it. Anami fears for Narottam’s place at home.

To everyone’s surprise, Vatsalya returns home after a year’s time. With Vatsalya’s return, Lal Mahal rejoices their true happiness.

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