Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 25 August 2017 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Written Update 25th August 2017, Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 25 August 2017 Episode Full Update

Today’s (25.08.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Satrupa walks off to save Anami from Vikramaditya’s gun point while Vikramaditya has pointed gun on Anami. Vikramaditya is about to shoot Anami, ;Satrupa gets shocked finding Anami faint in mess condition she wakes up Anami and relaxes that Anami is alive. Satrupa sits near Anami and cries a lot.

Vikramaditya enters Guruji’s room where Guru ji is busy in meditation. Vikramaditya questions Guru ji as why he betrayed him why he is telling lie and supporting Satrupa’s fake drama.

Vikramaditya points gun on Guruji for his betrayal meanwhile Guru ji says that if he believes that he betrayed him then he can shoot him.

Meanwhile Satrupa comes and saves Guruji, the gun shoots down. Vikramaditya questions as how she dared to hold his hand and why she stopped him, Satrupa asks Papa ji to shoot her there is not Guruji’s mistake.

She gets emotional recalling Vatsalya’s death while, Vikramaditya points gun on Satrupa. Guruji asks Satrupa to get away from the way as he can shoot her.

Satrupa asks Vikramaditya to shoot as there is no hope for her to live this dead life. Vikramaditya shoots gun Guruji and Satrupa gets shocked as he shoots on wall. Satrupa asks Papa ji why he didn’t killed her Vikramaditya says that he is helpless as he treated Satrupa as his son and now she has become his weakness.

Vikramaditya exits warning Satrupa that he will never give Anami Vatsalya’s right and this gun-shot is on their relation and now they are against each other.

Satrupa with full tashan answers him that she is ready to face any havoc in her life for her daughter,

Guruji tells Satrupa that Vikramaditya will never accept Anami, Satrupa gets angry why all are questioning about Anami.

Guruji tells Satrupa that that no one can harm Anami but now Satrupa have to save Lal Mahal from Anami.

Anami wakes up in morning assuming that she is in her Banaras house but gets tensed finding her in Lal Mahal. Anami scolds Maid to take way this tent this not her marriage.

Anami asks her maid to bring Daatoon for brush as she will not do brush

Everyone gathers at dining table for having breakfast while everyone is silent as per Satrupa’s entrance.

Vikramaditya tells everyone that tonight he shot gun and why he shot is not necessary for him to explain.

Anami comes into hall doing brush…Avdhoot teases Anami looking her weird hair, ;Satrupa interrupts Avdhoot where after Anami calls Avdhoot Samosa Chaap Bandar Anami smartly answers Avdhoot, Satrupa introduces Pujan to Anami.

Anami makes joke for Pujan while Anami keeps on insulting Pujan and his family with making their jokes.

Anami creates full comedy scene with indirectly teasing everyone with jokes.

She splits on wall which makes everyone shocked amnd she sits with holding brush in her hand, Baldev gets angry on Anami’s behavior and exits.

Anami and Satrupa stares each other while all the members leaves dining table. Satrupa asks Anami to have breakfast but Anami says she has not came to have breakfast she was came to create tamasha

Not she is going…Satrupa keeps on looking Anami with shock

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 26 August 2017 Precap

Anami talks with her Pagli Pandatain on phone and indirectly targets Satrupa. Anami meets Adhiraj.

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