Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 25th December 2017 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 25th December 2017 Written Update, RKC Written Episode

Today’s (25.12.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Adhiraj meets Laddu and starts asking him questions. He asks him if he remembers who took him away from Lal Mahal. Laddu gets scared and her hugs Anami and starts crying. Anami asks Adhiraj to question him later and makes him sleep.

Narottam angrily goes to meet Sudha. Sudha looks at Narottam while he asks her the reason for killing Purshottam. Sudha says she had no option as he could also get caught for Vatsalya’s death. Sudha acts to hurt herself in front of Narottam. Sudha says they have to fight and not let his mama’s sacrifice go worthless. Anami decides to cheer Laddu and brings a red dupatta to turn him up to superman. Laddu remembers all his incidents when he got kidnapped and he feels frustrated while Anami makes him sit and asks him about the problem.

Anami asks him to talk. Laddu tries to take Anami’s name but he cannot speak. Anami calls Gayatri while Satrupa and Damoo comes running to his room. Satrupa asks her about the matter. Anami says she does not know as he cannot speak and she is worried. Satrupa asks Laddu if his throat is aching or chest pain. Gayatri calls up the doctor. Besides, Sudha finds that Laddu lost his voice. Doctor checks up Laddu and says that he is dealing with a severe shock for the happenings in past few hours.

He sees those flashes again and again and hence he cannot speak. Anami asks if he can be fine. Doctor says he will be fine in some time but there is no surety. Anami gets depressed while Gayatri calms her. Anami walks towards the Kali Maa idol and prays to get back Laddu’s voice. Satrupa comes there and she consoles Anami. Naina comes and tells Sudha that Laddu will be fine in sometime as doctor said. Sudha gets worried. Satrupa calms Anami and she hugs her. Sudha plans to fear Laddu and make him speechless forever. Satrupa calls Narottam and she thanks him. Narottam asks about why is she thanking him. Satrupa tells him that he could also tell the truth to everyone but he did not. Narottam says he wanted to save Anami and Laddu. Narottam says he did for Anami. He says how much pain a mother bears after losing her daughter. Satrupa gets emotional. Damoo tells Satrupa that if Laddu’s voice come back then he will reveal everything to Anami and asks her to plan something which could not bring back his voice. Satrupa gets furious and she shouts at Damoo. Satrupa says she will bring back his voice and she wants Anami too. She does not care what happens in the future. Satrupa says she knows Damoo thinks about her betterment but asks her to stay away from Laddu and leaves. Damoo says Satrupa has always treated her as a family and she is important to her and she has to do something. Poonam and Anami prepares breakfast for Laddu. Poonam tries to talk in English. Anami goes to bring Laddu’s favorite breakfast. Sudha keeps a watch on Laddu. Poonam goes to get the mausambi juice for Laddu. Laddu looks at the balloons near the tree and he walks there. He climbs up while Sudha comes there and scares him. Laddu gets scared looking at her and tries to run away while she holds his hand.

Adhiraj checks the guest house as he has doubt on Satrupa. Adhiraj finds some toys there and he questions Anami if those are of Laddu. Anami disagrees. Anami tells him that they have to test the members of Lal Mahal. Anami checks the video footage and she finds that Satrupa knows those toys.

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