Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 27 September 2017 Written Episode RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Written Update 27th September 2017, RKC 27 September 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (27.09.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Anami throws water on Adhiraj and feels bad to see him wet, She says Poonam today i have to start with Sorry i guess, Anami makes fun of him.

Adhiraj says now you look like Lal Mahal princess, she says why you have ocme, he says for work not to get wet, he asks her that he had given her work to get a file, she says oops i forgot, he says you will not be able to do thi swork, let it be. She says we can do now.

Anami says Pujan is out for work, Adhiraj and Anami enter Pujan’s room dresses in blue jumpsuits  as pest control people and cover their face. They are looking for the file in his room. Anami says i can’t find, they look in a cupboard but wonder about keys, Anami finds them in a drawer. They find the file and Adhiraj takes pictures, They hear footsteps, Anami ses Kamini coming to her room. She tells Adhiraj to hide, while she starts her pest machine and its smokey in room, Kamni says TUM!

Kamini says the mosquitoes have been bothering us for lon time and tells them to do work properly. Kamini calls for Anami to come towards her, but Anami is scared, Kamini goes towards her, Kamini says i am talking to you, she tells her to put medicine in some corner of room, Anami sneezes and coughs and is about to faint, Adhiraj looks at her, Anami takes out her mask, Kamini is about to go to see her, Adhiraj puts smokes on Kamini’s face and goes to hold Anami and tries to help her, Kamini curses them for not doing work properly and asks them to leave. Adi holds Anami and leaves.

Anami is badly coughing, Poonam gives her water, Adhiraj sits next to her and says good job Anami, we have got what we want, Aanmi is also happy.

Satrupa is talking to principal for Anami’s admission, Principals says the media story is true, she is your daughter, Satrupa says tell me about admission process, he explains, Damoo says how will Anami settle in English college, Satrupa says Anami will have to handle burden, she is a fighter, she will cope up.

Adi’s father sees Royal Steel cSam file and is bout to open it, he sees Adhiraj coming so he hise, Adi comes out to take towel and wonders that the file was open, Adi leaves, his father comes back to see file, he reads details and is shocked.

Sudha tells Narottam that i only know to win and this time we will win, She asks what did Anami talk about me, Narottam says she was praising about you and starts praising herself of being calm strong and good person, She says phase one of our plan is over and now it is phase two, make place for you in her heart and get ready to be evil, to kill anyone if required. She tells him to tell all the torture that Lal Mahal has given you and create pain for you in her heart.

Anami is reading Vatsalya’s dairy and Satrupa comes to the room, she tells er about international college and fill form, Abami says i will not give any interview, satrupa says why, Anami says coz you are saying  so, i will not take orders from anyone, Satrupa says you are egoistic about less education, Anami says people have pride over extra education, Anami says you are doing this for your gain and your image, she says i will not go to college.

Adhiraj’s father calls up Baldev, and says storm is coming, take care of your  self, he says you have got all as virasat, you will soon lose it, Baldev says what nonsense, Adhiraj’s father says forget about me, soon you will face a storm that will destroy you. The game is over. Baldev wonders who was calling him to alert him about a storm. He wonders what will be next trouble for lal mahal and royal steel.

Satrupa remembers how Anami had brunt the padgi and all her arguments with her which are full of hatred, how anami accused her of keeping her away from brother, Vikram considering Avdhut as Waris, Guruji telling her to show her Anami’s worth to Vikram, Anami rejecting from going to college.

Pujan tells some men to so aarti like never before and instruct when Anami comes. A guy says Anami has come, Pujan pretends to do aarti loudly, he is looking for Anmi to neter. Aanmi comes with her kids to train them for training of sel defence, Anami says Pujan you wnat to do aarti, let me make you dance now


Satrupa tells Anami to get ready for college interview tomorrow, if she agrees then ladoo will go to good school and her foster parents will stay good, Anami says, how much low will you go, Satrupa says i told you, if you stay in limits you will be in benefit.

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