Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 28 September 2017 Written Episode RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 28th September 2017 Written Update, RKC 28 September 2017 Written Update

Today’s (28.09.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Anami practices with kids in Kamini’s room and insults her beauty without makeup, Anami succeeds and Pujan leaves Anami’s place to let her practice.

Adhiraj tries to talk to Dhirendra, his father. He confesses sorry while Dhirendra accepts his sorry in between Tanya unites them.

Adhiraj seeks Dhirendra’s help for Lal Mahal case he tells him that he is doing all this for justice not to take any revenge.

Anami solves Poonam’s maths questions, Gayatri comes and sees Anami, Anami gives upand fails to solve question.

Gayatri gives College booklet to Anami and asks her to sign form it will be good for her own future and Satrupa has taken right decision.

Dhirendra helps Adhiraj detailing him about the file which Adhiraj brought from Pujan, Dhirendra explains Adhiraj that someone has grabbed some percentage of Royal Steel Empire and soon it will become tough for Lal Mahal to save Royal Steel Empire…

Dhirendra and Adhiraj come to conclusion that someone is trapping this conspiracy inside Lal Mahal.

Adhiraj suspects Pujan’s  foul play behind this conspiracy while Dhirendra tells him about Lal Mahal’s habitual conspiracy.

Satrupa confronts Anami and tells her that if she will give assent for admission then Laddoo will get admission in English school.

Anami again refuses to get admission, Satrupa gives a letter to Anami and tells her that this letter is Murari Pathak’s family future.

Anami reads letter in which Satrupa writes a letter to Superintendent of Police, she writes 17 years ago Murari Pathak and his wife stolen her  girl child and after 17 years she found her daughter back but she didn’t got justice. She requests Police to punish Murari Pathak and his wife.

Anami cries she asks Satrupa how she can be so cheap Satrupa says if Anami will agree her then Laddoo will get admission in best school and Murari Pathak will live a comfort life in Banaras

Satrupa warns Anami that if she will not agree then she will ruin Murari Pathak and Anami will be responsible for it.

Satrupa says that she already told her ‘Kaide Mein Rahogi Toh Faide Mein Rahogi’ Satrupa takes letter and tells Anami that next morning she have to go College for admission…Har Har Mahadev….while Anami answers this is not wind this is storm get ready to face it…Bam Bhole Shankar…’ both part ways in tashan…

Dhirendra asks Adhiraj to inform VikramSingh that Royal Steel Empire is drowning and about to face havoc…Adhiraj denies but meanwhile Dhirendra confesses that not for them but for other poor people you have to save People’s life saving Royal Steel Empire.

Dhirendra tells Adhiraj this is Chakravyuh it’s his responsibility that he has chosen to fight with Lal mahal and now he have to think how he have to fight.

Anami sees Vatsalya she recalls Satrupa’s warning…and gets emotional


Satrupa takes Anami for interview, Anami puts her two condition while the teacher asks tough question to Anami..

Adhiraj conmfronts Vikramaditya, Baldev and Gayatri about Royal Steel and the conspiracy, Vikram question him where did he get the information from.

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