Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 31 August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Written Update 31st August 2017, RKC 31 August 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (31.08.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Anami gets into a room and shuts the door. Poonam tells her to take bath nicely. Anami is confused with so much settings in the bathroom and curses it. She says i like to bath in Ganga river. She shouts in bathroom. Poonam asks what happened. She come out all wet. Poonam laughs and asks what happened to you. Anami yells at her and says stop laughing else i will get bulldozer on to your house if i bath else where. Poonam leaves, Anami laughs at herself.

Adhiraj tells Leela that he wants all information about satrupa where she is and what is she doing. He is in banaras and says i will expose satrupa and Anami’s fake mother daughter drama. He says all her people will get exposed. lele says its my first VVIP case, so i will put handcuffs on Satrupa.

Satrupa sees no one has come for breakfast and Baldev has asked for breakfast in room. Pujan says her you have accomplished ur mission, everyone has locked themselves in room. he asks her how much have you paid Anami for this drama. She says be in your boundaries as you are talking about my daughter. he says where have you lost your sabhyata. She says i don’t have to hear from outsiders. Pujan says your drama will soon get exposed. He says i was going to give you my only son for your sake, this is my sacrifice, but you have ruined all, do you think what can happen now. Satrupa says i don’t think, i do things and do it straightforward.

He says you have to think, as when your fake daughter i sout of this drama, you will have to again think about me and this time you will got get anything free of cost and you will have to pay for it. Satrupa tells him not to increase his BP. Pujan says Baldev does not accept Anmi his daughter, even the family members says they never had a grand daughter, how will you prove she is your daughter.

Anami’s dadi is combing her hair and she remembers Madhu used to comb her hair. She screams, dadi says you have to do a, to return favour.

Aanmi talks to lawyer and says we have to DNA test at the earliest. Anami is making noise with kids outside and disturbs. lawyer says CBi is handling this case, we cannot do anything unless case is approves by court. Satrupa tells Damoo to stop this noise as she cannot hear. satrupa goes out and stares at Anami, other kids run away. Anami keeps singing aloud, Satrupa shuts the door. Satrupa says please take permission at any cost from court for DNA test. Lawyer says only CBI can file for DNA test. He says you can talk to Adhiraj. He calls him. Adhiraj assistant leela picks the phone. lawyer says satrupa wants to talk to Adhiraj, she says today not possible, call tomorrow. satrupa overhears Adhiraj asking about ganga Ghat in Banaras. Lawyer says may be he is going tp Mururai pandit’s house. What is pandit gives wrong statement.

Adhiraj is talking to Murari and Madhu and tells them to tell truth and not to fear from anyone. Leela is recoding the statement. he says lets show Lal Mahal their true face. Lets tells Aanmi and Satrupa’s truth. Murari says what is being told is the truth, Anami is the heir of Lal Mahal and Satrupa’s daughter. Murari says don;t force me to says otherwise, i have told police everything already. Adhiraj asks how much money you took from Satrupa. Murari says please leave. Adhirajs says nice game you are playing. Murari says destiny has played game with us. He says i have nothing to say, we are small people. Please forgive us. Adhiraj says we will have to keep meeting

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 01 September 2017 Precap:

Baldev says Anami you do good drama, has satrupa given you direction? She says i don’t take orders from others and i can take responsibility of my actions. She faints. Baldev is worried.


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