Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Written Episode 09 August 2017, Written Update

Zee TV serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 09th August 2017 Written Update, Chakravyuh 09 August 2017 Episode Update

Today’s (08.08.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Guruji tells the lady (who took away Anami) not to tell anyone about the past. He gives her a rudraksha necklace o handover to Satrupa for safety.

The lady tells Guruji that you knew Murari Pathak would come on ganga Ghat and hence you didnot come for the puja. He says we have to worry about consequences. Guruji sees his charts and says that the time is going to change and wonders why there is a chnage. he asks GOd if again this time GOD has chosen a woman for change.

Satrupa gives necklace to Vatsalya for his safety. His utradhikari ceremony happens. His grandfather puts him pagdi (turban) to make him the heir of his business. Dadji says it is a big responsibility and he has to carefully make his decisions. One mistake can make a raksah into bhasak (friend turns foe). Vatsalya jokes with his Dadji and mother. His father says you will shine thorugh every challenge. Dadji says he will fulfill all challeneges because he is my garndson. Dadi tells Dadaji and Vatsalya’s father not to argue today. Vatsalya tries to cheer both of them.

Vatslaya’s Chacha gives money to a man to kill Vatsalya. The man asks about vatsalya’s bodyguard. Vatsalya’s chacha tells to beware of the bodyguard and says that Vatsalays death should look like accident.

Anami is sitting with her step brother Ladoo and makes him study. Her mother is murmuring about her problems. Electricity goes. Murari jokes about it with his wife. Murari’s wife and Anami get into an argument. Anami asks her why is she upset. She tells her i like to say and hear thinks clearly. Panditayin asks what is the issue with your birthday. She asks why do i become stranger on this day to you. Anami says why should i talk about it. I have so many questions about who was the lady who abandoned me and why you are not my mother. Pagli panditayin gets emotional. Anami gets water for her. She says no one in this world can ever separate her from her Pagli panditayin. She says please stop crying, if i start crying, entire Banaras will get flooded. Panditayin says i have made kheer for you, you better have it before you go to sleep.

Anami is sitting alone by the river side, Vatsalya comes from behind. She is in tears. He asks her why are you here so late. She says why are you worried. He asks her today you reprimanded me and left. he says i feel something is incomplete and whenever i come to banaras i feel complete. Anami says this is magic of Kal Bhairav and don’t get involved else you will become saint. She says today is my birthday. I still have one more hour to let go this borthday. Vatslaya and Anami say together, they don’t like to wish on birthday. He asks her whats your issue. She says i have mother related conflict. He says how can mother be bad. She says not all of them are bad. Your mother is good, but mine is worst. However, i have another mother who is best. They talk about their mother. He says we apart from our common birthday, we have common thing about our mothers too!

Some men come from under the river water and drag Vatsalya down in the water to kill him. Anami gets under the water to rescue him. She fighst with them. Vatsalya’s bodygaurd comes there to to help Anami and Vatsalya.

Bodygaurd tries ot see the men’s face who attacked Vatsalya. Anami asks why did they attack you. He says my wealth. She says this is the problem with rich people. He gives money a rudra necklace to her and says this is gift from brother to sister. Thy say goodbye to each other and leave.

Ladoo is crying. Anami asks him why is he crying. She finds out that he had peed in his bed. He talks about his nightmare about a girl had a little boy and how they used to play and spend time together. But a lady with magic come and separates the girl and takes her away and the brother is left alone. he says what if you will leave me also. She says i will never leave you. She says you can never be spared from me. He says what if some magical lady comes and take you. She says it will never happen. She says not to be scared ever again as i am always close to you. She gives him his dupatta  and ties their hands together so he can sleep without fear. She looks at rudraksha mala and thinks of Vatsalya.

Vatsalya’s bodyguard finds out the men who tried to kill Vatsalya. Satrupa, bodygaurd and a cop is in middle of rive on a boat. The men says that they only got picture and money. She orders to to their visarjan (drown them). The bodygaurd pushes the goons in water.


Vatsalya’s Chacha instigates Vatsalya to run away from home. Satrupa is shocked to see him missing.


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