Shakti latest news – Soumya to bring Harman back to life

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Here’s what is in store for the viewers of Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki serial in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Soumya applies the sindoor of Harman’s name. She regrets to wipe off her sindoor and risk Harman’s life. Soumya sheds tears. She has huge grief for her mistake. Surbhi and Nani worry for her. Soumya prays for Harman’s recovery. She fears to lose Harman forever. Soumya cries for Harman. Surbhi tells her that Harman is out of danger now. Soumya gets adamant to bring back Harman to life. Nani consoles her in the struggling time. Soumya doesn’t want to have food. Nani and Surbhi support her. Surbhi wants to help out Soumya. Preeto comes to meet Soumya and takes her home.

The family prays for Harman, who has slipped in coma post his accident. Preeto and Harak make Soumya do the puja. They blame Soumya for causing this grief. Soumya agrees to perform a puja for Harman. Preeto gets upset with Soumya for going against Harman and troubling the family. Soumya apologizes to Harman and family.

Soumya does the tough puja for Harman’s life. She feels guilty that Harman is in this state because of her. She gives her all her desires of being a normal person. She just wants Harman to get fine. She loves Harman a lot. Soumya has to prove her love by passing the test. She doesn’t oppose the family’s beliefs.

Guru ji guides Soumya in performing the rituals. He tells Soumya that Harman will get back to senses if she completes the Savitri puja. Surbhi argues with the family for torturing Soumya by their blind beliefs. She asks them not to get superstitious. Soumya tells Surbhi that she will do the rituals as she can’t bear Harman in that state. Soumya goes barefoot to the temple. She completes the rituals. Harman will gain consciousness and keep up Soumya’s belief.

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  • ban

    These makers will never show a unique love story in shakti.atlast they have done what they wanted.finally they have turned Harman into a negative character.before going to coma Harman has told very harsh things to saumya & broken every relationship with her & told her to go away from his life & she is a kinner & her profession is to beg & be a kinner.these words are more than enough for a girl to end her when Harman comes out of coma he will never want saumya to be in front of her.exactly what we thought.harmans anger is very dirty.when he hates someone he very dirtly hurts the person & insults he did with when Harman comes out coma saumya without coming in front of him leave a letter for him for apolizing him & saying the truth that whatever she did she was not aware what was going to happen in the pooja,but usne Harman ko jhooth bola aur uska vishwas aur bharosa toda hain.isiliye who ek kinner hain aur uska koi hak nahin ki who Harman ki zindagi aur kharab kare.uski last wish Harman ke liye yeh hain ki who apni zindagi main aage badhe aur ek achi ladki se shaddi karke apni duniya basale.saumya ko is duniya main koi nahin chahta hain.use abhi tak jo pyaar mila who sirf Harman ke wajah zindagi main uske liye Harman ka pyaar mila who hi bahut badi baat hain.and for god sake end this show on this note itself.fed up of torturing the ordains people are just hurting emotions of the fans of Harman & its very difficult to god sake we do not want to see negativity now.after Bangkok episode it was too much nafrat between Harman & saumya.then preeto negativity & now harak singh & Harman negativity.and if you people can show negativity on the show then have guds to listen to ordains comments also.why don’t you flash the comments on website.and main culprit was raavi & shanno who knowingly did this crime & they are safe.preeto has brought saumya only for her own selfish reason so that Harman comes out of coma.cannot trust these makers will go on with same old story Harman losing memory & shit.

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