Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Gossips: Mauli’s drunken drama during birthday party

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka.

Mauli is very much because of Kunal and Nandini’ affair. She remembers how she used to ask Kunal for petty things. She cries thinking of him. She decides to fix everything on her own. Kunal comes to help her. Mauli asks him if he will always be with her to help. Kunal is speechless. silent. She makes Kunal leave.Mauli cries for Kunal as her hopes get down.

Later, Kunal and Nandini arrange a surprise birthday party for Mauli. Mauli is sad as as Kunal is not wth her on her birthday like always.

Kunal supports Nandini for birthday arrangements. Nandini hopes Mauli will get happy and forgive her for everything. Kunal likes the decorations.

Kunal informs Yamini about the party. He takes Dida and Yamini’s help in getting Mauli at the birthday party. Yamini informs Kunal that they are on the way and coming soon. They get Mauli at the venue. Nandini welcomes Mauli. Mauli gets surprised seeing the birthday celebrations. She turns happy and sees Kunal.

Kunal shows Mauli’s childhood pictures on the screen. Mauli likes the surprise. Nandini hides from Mauli. Her happiness gets down on seeing Nandini. Nandini celebrates Mauli’s birthday. Mauli meets Nandini in the birthday party. She drinks a lot. When Kunal stops her, she asks him if she has no right to stay happy. She irritates Kunal and Nandini. She wants to hurt Kunal. She asks him to dance with her. She sees Nandini leaving and runs to her. She stops Nandini and thanks her. She hugs Nandini.

She says you gave me happiness today, but you are responsible for bringing the storm in my life. She asks Nandini to gift her Kunal on her birthday if she wants to see her happy. Mauli begs her to return Kunal. Mauli tells Nandini that she has broken down. Nandini gets speechless. Mauli asks Nandini to promise her that she will return Kunal. Nandini goes home and sheds tears, imagining Mauli’s pain and sorrow.

What will Nandini do now? Keep reading this space for latest gossips and spoilers of Silsila.

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