Swabhimaan serial: Meghna gets emotional with Kunal’s surprise

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Viewers of Colors’ Ek Shringar Swabhimaan serial will have to gear up for some romantic moments between their favourite couple Meghna (Sangeeta Chauhan) and Kunal (Sahil Uppal).

After high voltage drama around Kunal’s arrest and getting jailed, Meghna will realize the extent to which she loves Kunal and will feel extremely guilty about her act that put her husband into trouble. However, Kunal will manage to prove himself innocent and get out of jail.  Kunal will be sad to see his wife’s state of mind and decide to give her a romantic surprise. 

In the upcoming episodes of Swabhiman, it will be seen that Kunal will decorate the bedroom with candles and will use tissue rolls in place of carpets to make Meghna feel special. Meghna will get overwhelmed by Kunal’s gestures and will keep shedding tears. Kunal will then pick up Meghna on his back and will strive to make Meghna smile. 

Viewers will get to see steamy romance amid the couple. However, good times would be short lived in Kunal and Meghna’s life as Sandhya would already get clues against Meghna.

Will Kunal find out that Meghna was responsible for his arrest? How will Meghna handle the situation?

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