Swabhimaan Written Episode 20 January 2017 Swabhiman Written Update

Colors Swabhiman Written Update 20th January 2017 WU

Swabhiman serial episode (20.01.2017) episode starts with Sharda explaining the importance of mehendi/henna and says bride gets so much love equivalent to mehendi color on her hand. She says your and Kunal relation is stronger with this rasam and your relation will start now. She says you both have to take decisions together. Meghna nods. Vishnu calls Sharda. Meghna asks her to give plate. Sharda asks her to eat fully and goes. Later Meghna finds gifts in her room sent by Kunal. She reads Meghna darpook on the chit. She funds another chut in which Kunal asked her to wear saree and meet him. Megha wears saree and goes to meet Kunal. Kunal is surprised to see her and thinks his topper is beautiful. Naina sees them going and is shocked. She thinks about Asha’s words that bride doesn’t go out of house after haldi is applied to her.

Kunal says lets go. They sit in car. Meghna tells Kunal that our destiny is united and we are one now…..Meghna says I thought we shall have some dramatic moments. Kunal says I feel that I am better than you in some things…Meghna asks him to say. Kunal asks her to tell something and he will tell something. Meghna says I am saying and you are listening. Naina thinks where did they go? Sharda calls Meghna and is coming towards her room. Naina gets tensed and thinks what to do. She keeps pillows on bed and covers them with blanket. Sharda comes there. Naina says Meghna di is sleeping. Sharda says she has slept. Naina says she was tired and that’s why I made her sleep. It is her special day tomorrow, so she shall get good sleep. Sharda says she is going and asks Naina to get ready at 8 am as Parlour ladies are coming.

Kunal says I will hear everything from you. He gives her two options, and asks if she wants to go to resort or coffee shop. Meghna says if these are options. Kunal says lets see. Naina feels apologetic for lying to Sharda, and hopes Meghna returns home soon. Kunal asks her to hold his hand. Meghna asks if he is having 3 hands and asks how you will drive while holding my hand. She asks him to stop the car….Tu Pyaar Hai Tu Hi Tabhayi plays…….Naina thinks how to reach Meghna and calls Kunal. Kunal says you didn’t ask me how I am better than you. He says I know you better and knows what suits you best. He says I thought you coward, but you left all your fears behind. Meghna says she was afraid, but….your eyes and mehendi gave me strength. She says I can see love and honesty in your eyes and that’s why I know that you will never let my heart break. He asks how much she can move on with him. Meghna says she will like him. He holds her hand.

Nirmala tells Sandhya to stay for Kunal’s marriage. Sandhya says I know your wishes and dreams about his marriage, and says she will go and do grah pravesh arrangements. Nand Kishore is still angry. Sandhya tells that she sent Naina’s dance video and some pics which will be printed in the newspaper and on TV.

Kalpana sees Naina calling someone and thinks whom she is calling. She asks her to sleep. Naina says good night. Nand Kishore tells Nirmala and Sandhya that they have to make CM happy and make him realize that they have not forgotten their roots and are giving a chance to a small town girl and also letting her work after marriage. Nirmala asks Sandhya to stay back and says she will go and make grah pravesh arrangements. Kunal tells Meghna that 12 hours are left now for their marriage and says Pandit ji will read boring vows which can’t be understood by us. He says they will make their own set of vows. Meghna says we will call it as vows only. Kunal asks her to tell her first vow, and says ladies first. Meghna says we both are same and asks him to tell. Kunal holds her hand and takes rounds with her around the fire.

Kunal and Meghna take their relation a step ahead and get closer. Naina gets worried. Kalpana comes to the room and lifts the blanket. Naina is shocked.

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